Spirituality Information

Spirituality Information

Jesus The Great Comforter! When Life is not fair!

We see it all the time in people's lives some unwanted circumstance enters and life is turned upside down. A loss of a job, an unexpected bill, sickness you name it.

Heart Matters-- What Matters Most

With excitement and anticipation I jumped on a plane last Thursday evening to Florida to visit my family and fish some with my dad. Six hours after arrival I painfully watched while many types of medical professionals frantically, yet methodically temporarily stop my father's heart in order to prevent it not to matter twenty minutes later.

My Name is HAD-- Life Lessons Learned!

My name is Had. You may know me, but you may not know my new name.

Passions of the Heart!

There are no better people to be around than those who have a zest for life and a joy in their hearts. Few as there may be, when you meet one you just know it.

Run Forest Gump Run

In the movie "Forest Gump" we see Forest succeed in just about every aspect of his life. What we admire most about him is his ability to overcome physical obstacles all throughout his life.

Horse Racing and Seabiscut -- A Hope, A Prayer, and A Horse!

Even though our lives progressively moves forward on occasion it has a way of working what seems to be in a backwards motion, yet in the end achieves the same results. I remember years ago when I started my bodybuilding career, I had no self- confidence, poor self-esteem, and an introverted personality.

Time Changes-- Spring Forward Or Fall Back!

In the game of billiards there are two things you want to avoid. First, never scratch (put the white ball in the pocket) you forfeit your turn.

Finding Bobbie Fisher ---The Light House: Where Would Your Ship Be?

There is an old tradition song called, The Lighthouse and the end of the chorus goes something like this, "If it weren't for that old Lighthouse?. Where would this ship be?"In a scene from the movie Finding Bobbie Fisher, Bobbie is sitting next to his girlfriend under a lighthouse and she says to him.


It is my personal view that the reason we call things that we don't understand "miracles" is because we are trying to understand them within a very limited framework. This framework is that of our beliefs which have been based largely on scientific inquiry and also exclusively on the use of our intellect or rational mind.

When Bad Things Happen (Part 2)

The good that Paul writes about is a commitment of life to the sovereign will of God. It is complete trust in God.

Slow Leak

In God's world, everything can be used as an anology to His Word. I'm using this small unassuming small leak in my tire as an example of how if it is let go, can cause a spiritual wreck.

Do People See Visions Anymore?

Unless God has changed the way he does things it would seem that he has kept the lines open to men and women as usual. Should there be any doubt let me tell you a true story of a sequence of events in my own life.

The Gnostics and Essenes

THE GNOSTICS, ESSENES AND THE 'OCCULT':Throughout this book I have made reference to esoteric groups or knowledge. I have done a book called The Occult: Uses and Abuses which has twice as many words as this; but I hope this one covers enough of the issues related to the abuse of spiritual knowledge by the elites.

A Mothers Battle

The tongue is such a tiny little organ. Yet, it can be one of the most powerful weapons.

What Is Your Relationship To Time?

Have you ever thought about how your orientation to time profoundly affects the way you are in the world? Each culture has its own unique way of relating to the concept of "time". Some cultures perceive time as a room that is lived in.

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