Spirituality Information

Spirituality Information

You Have a Friend in Jesus

Have you heard the saying that; You have a friend in Jesus? Great quote, it sounds really nice, but it should read you have an invisible friend in Jesus. After all you are having a personal relationship with a dead man, one who has been dead an awfully long time indeed.

True Health

Some may ask, is there any truth to have a healthy life. I say yes it is.

Theory on PRAYER

Oxford dictionary defines PRAYER as "a request for help or expression of thanks made to God". But I strongly believe that prayer is not mere seeking or demanding or requesting.

How to be Led by the Spirit of God

The Bible tells us that we need to be led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:12-14, Galatians 5:16-25). Therefore, it is necessary for us to discern the prompting and guidance of the Holy Spirit if we are to live successful lives.

Dimensional Shifts

"Spirit is beyond the void of space. This realm, beyond the void, is not an empty nothingness; it is the womb of creation.

Selfishness is a True Declaration of Lifes Purpose

In your quest for enlightenment, always ask what's in it for me?On the surface the above statement will sound selfish because humanity sees it the other way around and selfishness is measured in human terms, but the truth of the matter is that "nature" is selfish by nature. Nature gives back to nature only after it has satisfied the needs of sustenance of each individual first.

Spirit to Spirit: A Letter to My Friend

Good morning beloved,I always feel a need to let people know when they have especially touched my soul. Thus, I send this memo to you this morning.

Unification of World Religions

If anyone says that his/her religion is the only path to God and that other paths lead to hell, I have one humble question. The question is for every religion without any trace of partiality.

Spiritual Solution for Tensions and Anxiety

Realisation and repeated memorization of the true knowledge is the only one solution for this problem. The ignorance is responsible for all the anxiety and tensions.

Recovering In The Water

It was in the middle of the night and the boat was being tossed in the wind. The crew was stressed?Between shoves from the wind, they were shocked to see someone actually walking on the water through the wind, rain, and waves.

For I, the Lord, Heal You!

With those words recorded in Exodus 15:26, God proclaims to man the source of all healing..

The Blessing of Violence

An interesting question arose within a poetry workshop I attended this week.This was the question, "Are human beings violent by nature?" This is a real question.

What Makes You A Saint

Don't be confused that a saint is a religious leader sort of person who has a particular way of dressing and a lonely life-style. Instead, a saint is a person who leads a simple disciplined life with a motto of "Service Above Self".

Selling Spiritual Stuff

Spiritual stuff is a hard sell Roy and one of the reasons for that is spirituality was turned into religion a long time ago. Spirit is natural and it is who you are naturally.

The Easiest Way to Overcome Vanity

Vanity - it's easy to mask, easy to forget, and easy to justify. We hide it behind dignity and poise.

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