Spirituality Information

Spirituality Information

The Hidden Cost of FREE

Are you always looking for bargains, especially something that you can get for free? The thought is that this will somehow enhance your life and perhaps make you feel more empowered, correct?Well I would like to bring your attention to the real hidden cost of choosing to accept anything for free. What does the idea that one needs to have something for free say about that individual? Well it says that that individual is choosing to believe that they do not have the capacity to create anything of value themselves.

Pebbles of Wisdom

Coming face to face with yourself in the space between the beginning and end of the transitions in your life is a scary place to be. Going backward in not an option.

Ego - Why Do We Have One?

Why do we have an Ego?Almost all spiritual guides say that we must eliminate or dispose of our ego before we can reach enlightenment. If this is true, then why did our creator burden us with an ego to start with? Would it not have saved considerable struggle just to let us be born with only a spiritual side and not have an ego to fight with all the time? A fight that most people seen to loose.

New Every Morning

I have almost died twice in my life. The first time was from pneumonia when I was 4 years old.

Here To Stay

I am disturbed by the tendency of some people to view Christianity as a trend rather than a way of life. Some take it to the next level and try to make it some sort of a secret club.

Shallow Victories

How many of you out there have ever wondered if a life of faith is worth it? Don't shy away from me, because you know there have been instances in your life when the bad guys won. The world is not fair, and the concept that good always triumphs can seem like fiction when you look around and see deceit running rampant.

White Sun - Tao of Heaven. Showers of Wisdom ( Part 2 of 3 )

People rarely live up to a hundred years of age but yet, they carry with them the worries of a thousand years. Within this chaotic and dazzling world, it is only due to ignorance that people have created for themselves.

A Walk With A King

I seemed to have lost my heart. Now this is not just another love story gone awry.

Fishing Around For Wealth

In Feng Shui, water symbolizes wealth. The word "fish" in Mandarin is pronounced the same way as "excess".

Thank You Lord, Most Graciously

There are moments in the believer's life when the Spirit of the living God gets in us and gives birth to thanksgiving and holy reflection. Moments when we really comprehend how good God is and how good He has been.

Four Voices

The Bible tells us that we must be led by the Holy Spirit. Since there are always four voices we hear speaking to us at any given time, we must learn to distinguish each one so that we are able to do the right things.

Word Sculptures of a Mystical Experience

The Mystical Experience"The mysteries of life become lucid ? and often, nay usually, the solution is more or less unutterable in words." -- William James, "The Varieties of Religious Experience"I don't remember who came to my door.

The End of Guilt

What is the purpose of guilt?Well, let's look at it.Some would say that guilt is necessary to help us remember things we did that we should regret, so that,We won't make the same mistakes again, so that,We can feel we are learning from our mistakes, so that,We can become more moral, more compassionate, more confident, more self respecting and more virtuous human beings, so that,We can feel better about ourselves, so that,Our Self Worth can rise, and so that,Our Self Esteem can rise.

When We See Jesus As He Is

You know that the Bible tells us a lot about Jesus, who he was, who he is, what he did and what he said..

Eliminating the Past

Most forms of psychotherapy I know either tries to help you accept the past, understand the past, learn from the past, perceive the past differently, or try to take the emotional edge of the past. In spite of all this effort to ameliorate the effects of the past it, in the end, is still inside you and you continue to identify yourself with it.

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