Spirituality Information

Spirituality Information

Distorted Perceptions

Often, in being dishonest about our own faults and failures, we have been far too insensitive and callous toward others who have fallen short. It is really unfair to others becuase all human judgment is partial, one-sided, and superficial.

Forgiveness: The Other Side

If we are honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that the reason we have difficulty forgiving others is because we sincerely believe we are justified in our withholding forgiveness. We become the judge of the offenders and by harboring bitterness and resentment against them; it is our distorted way of meting out punishment.

The Shamanic Approach to Healing for Animals

On Shamans and Shamanism ..

Reach Out and Touch

The essence of the Christian faith is the good news about God. That God is love is the bedrock of our faith.

Higher Self: Growing Inside of Us

Maybe once in a lifetime, we find ourselves seeking spiritual growth mostly when everything we try to do is hard to achieve. Among the many questions that consequently come out are: Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a Higher Power?Since arguing over these questions surely can bring down a lot of lines, I will present to you some definitions from the common New Age term "Higher Self," which I believe is the very important start of all well being.

Spirit and the Mind-Body Team

Your mind-body team is made up of your mind and your body. No surprise there! Your mind and body are closely related because they can both be()given to you genetically ()created by you ()altered by some physical world eventGeneticsYour mind-body team is biologically based.

Developing Your Intuition: Conscious Construction Using Cosmic 2 x 4's

What's a cosmic 2 x 4 you ask? It's actually a phrase that's been used in the 'new age/ metaphysical' world for the past 15 years or more. It refers to the lessons we learned the hard way when we didn't listen to our intuition.

Remote Viewing and the Body-Mind Connection

One of the biggest myths to evolve in the growing annals of new age lore is that psychic ability is the sole province of the mind. Our language reflects it in terms like "mental telepathy" and "mind reading".

Grace - The Divine Influence of God

The greatest frustration in a Christian's life is not being able to get what they believe to work in their lives.You've got people who have studied and believed that it's God's will to heal them.

The Traitor Within

Life is like an obstacle course in which we run like an Olympian athlete and at times getting nowhere. We exert a lot of energy trying to avoid life's ditches, jump over the potholes, leap across stumbling blocks, miss the dangers, and somehow sidestep the troubles.

Why Would You Want to be Enlightened?

Yesterday, a marketing guru asked me a question that left me speechless.I had retained Bob to review the copy on my Mystic Warrior website from a sales perspective.

What Is The Secret of Life?

The question isn't, "Is there life after death."Rather, the question is: "Are you alive before death.

Authentic Prayers

Do you go to God seeking His will for your life or do you simply want something from Him? This is a critical question because your prayers to God are not for changing Him or to beg Him to do what you want Him to do. Rather, it is to be changed by God and to be empowered to do His divine will.

Searchable by Jesus

Some people go to physics and spiritual readers for advice for one thing or another. Who can search all things and give us the truth.

Christian Love

Actually, loving does not take any great effort on our part because it is not something we must put forth great effort to achieve. When God enters our heart, soul, and mind, love is spontaneously produced because He is love.

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