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How To Find Your Center Of Power

The still place is the beginning. Settle in there, ask for order, and an inner force will prioritize all that you need.

Action can be inner or outer, depending on how Spirit wants you to move.

It's never about doing something or resolving something. It's always about being.

When you settle into your beingness, you also release want and scarcity. The way will then be made plain to you. But it will happen in degrees. You will be shown one step at a time.

Your losses are in the past. They are miscreations that you can set behind you.

All fear, all doubt, and all anxiety are misperceptions based on avoiding the center of your life, your beingness.

You will prosper when your mind is controlled by your soul, but not before then. When the mind runs you, then you can only expect the past to roll over into the future. When you, as soul, control the mind, then you can call upon all the forces of creation to assist you.

It is difficult to adopt this thinking because it is foreign to us. Yet the world is not really material. It is a spiritual game. If you want to win the game of life, you have to play it as a spiritual warrior and not a victimized human being with a paucity of power.

Anything is possible at any time for anyone regardless of their condition. To change conditions, you must change your mind about what things mean to you. You must discriminate between what you personally value and those values that have been foisted upon you by the opinions of others.

All is well when you allow it to be. Disaster belongs only to those who choose to remain uncentered. And, of course, all centering comes from return to your acceptance of yourself as a spiritual power without limitation.

Limitations arise from your thoughts. Once you release limiting thoughts, once you upgrade your consciousness, then miracles unfold with spontaneous ease.

In the final analysis, it's all about being who you really are inside. Once you make that connection, things on the outside fall into place.

When you feel good about yourself, you'll know you're getting close to the truth.

At some point in our lives, our attachment to mishap must cease if we are to birth hope, promise, and a life of service.

It's about love, and allowing that love to express itself in you and through you. And it's all about love rising to the surface and changing your world.

Be joyful, your dreams are almost upon you.

Here is a simple exercise to get grounded.

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Imagine a tail growing out of the base of your spine and rooting into the center of the earth. Then imagine your consciousness as a bright ball of light in the middle of your head. Finally, immerse your body in a glowing ball of light, choosing whatever color you like.

Now once you are in this centered space ask your deeper mind to an answer to how to resolve any problem that you have. Your answer may come during this meditation session, or later, when you're involved in something else. The answer arises because you centered yourself and asked for directions from the depths of your own inner wisdom.

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