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Anamchara - Living The Real Life

"Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality."

This song goes on to advise, "Open your eyes and see."

There is much to see that is beautiful in this life. I am blessed. I get to share words of beauty with others. I get to share the seeing of the real life. This is the wonder of this life beyond the fantasy of "me" and "mine." I get to share the seeing beyond the limitation of ego.

I contend we "do" much of "our life." We do so much of our life that we get caught in a landslide. This is mostly the landslide of thought. We are encouraged to drive our life's energy forward. We do this by thinking about "what to do," "what to be," "what to think," "what to follow." We become a landslide of "shoulds," "must does," can't does" and "what ifs" to name a few. We tumble down the landslide of "our life."

There is a universal law. This is the law of attraction.

This law states that we attract to us the type of energy we send out into the world. We are all an energy field vibrating at different rates. The energy we attract is the energy we give out. What we give out we receive back. We attract the energy of ego or the energy of the Beloved. One is defensive and the other open. One is limited and the other unlimited. One is attractive, or even not attractive, in a fashionable sense of the word. The other is attraction itself. The other is the real life. It is the imitation of soul.

At a party this week I got to talk about soul. I talked about becoming an Anam Cara. This is the Celtic translation of the word Soul Friend - "Anam" meaning "Soul" and "Cara" meaning "Friend." I am what I term a "Soul Practitioner." I practice releasing into the beauty of Soul. A Soul friend is looking for moment-to-moment communication. This is communication with the Beloved.

One can call the Beloved by the name God, Goddess, Universal Intelligence or the Force. The name is not the thing. It is the experience of real life lived non-separately from "all that is." This is living life beyond time and beyond space. It is living life in the eternal now. It is not learned through Life Coaching. It is learned though dropping all that you think you are. You then see the diamond of your being shine forth. Essentially it is learning to become a "nobody."

This communion is a love affair.

It is a love affair with the beauty of life as an experience of non-separateness from the Divine. This communion is what I love communicating. It is beyond words. It can be hinted at but not explained. It can be glimpsed in metaphysical poetry. It is spoken off in the writing of the Mystics. It is heard in music and viewed in art. It is caught in the flow of dark hair surrounding the face of a child. It is caught in moments of vulnerability amidst thanks giving. It is glimpsed in moments of surrender between two hearts.

So this week I move into soul. I move into higher vibrations that begin to move through this body. None of these "good vibrations" are mine. I am only ever a co-creator with the Divine. I am blessed this embodiment of life as a gift of love. This love is the real life. It is the first hand life. It is not the second hand experience of living "my life."

Our day-to-day life is just a fantasy.

All the mystics tell us that this is an illusion. The ego shouts back, "Are you crazy man?" The poets reply, "Open your eyes and see." We have our eyes open but most of the time we are blind. Our labels and our judgments blind us. Heaven is entered when you drop all your judging. This has to start with dropping any judgement you have of yourself. You are to give up deciding you are "good" or "bad" and simply "be" this process of energy moving moment to moment. This is the beginning of entering the real life. This is the beginning of honouring the presence you are.

As a lady at the party I attended this week advised, "Go spend time with a child." Be with a young child for a day and you might learn to see the way they see. Theirs are the eyes of wonder until they are blinded by the construct of time and judgment. Life then becomes something experienced through filters. We then learn to see through a glass darkly.

Soul Friends are given gifts in many ways.

At this party I was given a gift of a diamond. This was the largest diamond created by the light of the sun. It is rarely seen. It is rarely captured for the eye. I have this diamond now on my altar. It is surrounded by the darkness of night. It is so bright it illuminates an ocean. Such is the power of this diamond.

It reminds me that each and everyone of us is this diamond light. One glimpse of this diamond of your heart is enough. One glimpse is enough to light the ocean of compassion in the human heart. This diamond cuts thought the illusion of separateness from the real life. This diamond that is you is the real life. All else is fantasy.

Once you see this diamond light you will laugh. This will not be at the suffering of others. It will be at how wondrously creative we have been. As beings of light we have hidden this diamond within our hearts and completely forgotten about it. It then takes a Jesus, a Buddha or a Mohammad to come and remind us that what we treasure most is already here. We are only looking in the wrong place with eyes that cannot see.

Seek and you shall find this diamond. Escape into reality. You are held in the prison of ego doing the time of "your life." You have the key. Only you will find the door is never locked and you are the jailer.

Shine on you crazy diamonds.

2004 Tony Cuckson Irish Blessings

Tony Cuckson is an Anam Cara. This Celtic term means "Soul Friend." He specializes in providing insight for the spiritual journey, Blessings for YOU, words of wisdom and finding inner peace. Visitors to Irish Blessings Matter website and Tony's Blog get the opportunity to develop a purpose driven life through articles, newsletters and other programs.

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