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God Drives a Harley, a Bus and a Taxi

God rides a Harley, God drives truck, God is a dictator in a small country, God is a doctor and a patient, God is the Saint and the sinner, and yes God is even a lawyer. There is nothing that God is not. God is in and around everything because God is who you truly are, you have simply forgotten.

For those that have remembered, they may be afraid to accept the truth, they may deny their heritage and the awesome power that goes with it. Some of them become drunk on the power while others are so humbled, they withdraw and turn inward.

As a wave is to the ocean, the wave cannot be called the ocean but it possesses all the qualities and attributes of the ocean. Mankind has a deep knowing of this but denies it. He feels the separation that is born of forgetfulness and memory loss and can not accept his true self. Yet acceptance of this fact brings forth an observation that is irrefutable. Self examination reveals all the qualities of God that is inherent in mankind.

Man externalizes himself by projecting his image onto God and resists any comparison or resemblance of God in the man. This is both beneficial and inhibiting as God creates through us. We were given absolute freedom to use the power in any way we choose and we have therefore created a world that reflects our level of understanding of this fact. If we had total memory of who we are we would not exist in this world as it is now. We would have created a world that would be more God like. What we observe now in our environment is the early stages of development of which we call Heaven, Nirvana, Stovokor (if you are Klingon).

The world has evolved over the millennia and we can see the changes around us every day. Heaven exists in the same time and space that we now know as earth and any other place we find ourselves; we are always evolving back towards it. We are moving forward and backward at the same time.

As in circumnavigating the globe at some point we could say that we are leaving home and at another we could rightly say we are coming back home; we are in fact doing both at the same time.

We could also say that at some point God became a lesser God by moving away from himself so that he could find his way back to himself. He needed to experience not being God in order to experience being God.

God (the creator) is all there is there is nothing else. We are he and he is she. The only separation between that which is and that which is not is in the minds of man. Between the atoms of the molecules that form all of physicality is the nothing that holds it all together. Is the creator of all that is. Everything comes from the desire of nothing to experience everything.

God is a suffering child, God is the moon, God is the car that takes us to work, God is?

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister,light worker, writer and author of Spiritual New Age Wisdom books written in simple language with the eloguence of Zen wisdom.


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