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What Does Unconditional Love Really Mean?

Unconditional love means unconditional freedom. Love and freedom are two of those words that are interchangeable. Freedom of choice is unconditional love, unconditional freedom. Choice is another of those words that are interchangeable with Love and freedom.

For the most part humanity understands little of what the word 'unconditional,' means. Unconditional means? "NO CONDITIONS." This lack of understanding is what has divided man from man and religion from religion throughout his sojourn in the physical reality. It is again man's ego trying to grasp the idea, and not being able to surrender to its meaning. Let me demonstrate. The one common thread that I have found weaving through man's many belief systems is; God is Unconditional Love. I have yet to have anyone tell me, that this is not so. It seems to be accepted by all belief systems that are centered around a creator. If you are in disagreement with this statement then there would probably be no sense in you reading further.

Now it must be made clear in this example, that "unconditional," means, that there are no "conditions," to God's Love. Do you understand and agree, that "unconditional" means no "conditions apply?" Be sure, because it gets more difficult to differentiate as we move along.

Do you understand that if there was a condition to God's love, then God would be giving "conditional" love? Conditional love is not the same as unconditional love as described in the preceding paragraph. I have never heard or read anywhere that God gives conditional love, have you?

Love and freedom are the same, if there is a condition to freedom then it is not unconditional. Freedom is given from unconditional love. Freedom of choice is the same thing as unconditional love; they are all the same thing. If you can follow this understanding and accept it, then there is something further you need to understand.

This is extremely difficult for most all humans to do. Because love, freedom and choice are unconditional, there can be no "PUNISHMENT," for practicing them, once again "No Punishments." Here is where the so called enlightened fall by the wayside. They cannot accept any of these things without the recourse of punishment. You can practice unconditional love, unconditional freedom and unconditional choice with no punishments! God will never punish you! Retribution is a lie, it was all made up. Only "Man," will punish you. Anyone who tells you different, is not coming from unconditional love. They live in fear of you practicing these things. They do not understand what "unconditional," means.

Most all who have read the first half of this article will not have problems with it until they get to the "No Punishment," part. At this point man's ego takes over and will try to reason his way out of agreeing with the principle. He will begin to say, yes I understand what unconditional means, but! Then he will start, you cannot have people running around doing whatever they want. There is a price (condition) for freedom. You can not freely love anyone you want, that is immoral (conditional). Our choices are limited by are colour, sexual orientation, creed, age, sex, geographic region (conditional).

If you buy into these conditions, then you are in direct contradiction with what you agreed with when you started reading this article. If you didn't agree to the first part, then you have read farther then you were supposed to. You were warned! For those that did agree that God is unconditional love, and don't understand the contradiction, let me explain. There seems to be a paradox here. Can unconditional love and conditional love exist at the same time? The answer is yes, because we have forgotten our heritage we have moved away from unconditional. God gives unconditional love, man does not!

This is where the contradiction comes from. We understand the love of God, and feel inferior. We can not except that unconditional love is who "we" really are, and therefore apply conditions to our love and freedom. We project our human emotions and feelings onto God effectively insulating ourselves from the reality of unconditional love. We attach certain conditions to his love. If we do not follow his will, we will be punished by him as we would punish those that would not do our will. Man's love, freedom and choice are conditional because we have always had freedom of choice, to choose and accept those conditions that are conditional. It is paradoxal and appropriate that humanity should set conditions for itself and God has set NO conditions for him!

Who is it that is teaching us about conditional love? Who is actually separating us from the love of God? It is in the Newspapers and has been for weeks. I'm in Canada; it is August 08, 2003. For weeks now there has been a major controversy about legalized gay marriages. Who do you think is at the forefront of all the objections? Who is it that is using fear tactics to persuade politicians and supporters to change their policies? Who has come out and said that they fear for the souls of those supporters? It is the same institute that has for centuries, taught us of Gods "conditional," love. They have taught us that God's love is unconditional, but we will be punished for practicing it, therefore have made it conditional. They have used fear, punishment and death to implant this lie into our belief systems. They have been as the false profit. The institute does not correctly reflect God's love, nor come close to interpreting it. Their interpretations reflect only their fear the share with the rest of humanity.

As you reason these contradictions, listen to yourself. Are you coming from unconditional love, or are you reacting from fear? What ever you now believe, you will have chosen it from unconditional love. It will be your reality. You have unconditional freedom to live conditionally, in conditional love and freedom of choice.

At this moment try to imagine choosing to live unconditionally, try to choose between the two, conditional or unconditional. And if you chose the later, how would you condition yourself.

Feel the unconditional love as you make a free choice. As you make the choice you should notice that you are not being punished for it. That may come later, not from God but from those that would appose your choice. If nothing else understand the contradiction. But also understand that who you really are is "free." Do not fear for your soul, your soul can take care of itself and of course that is exactly what it is doing. It is the "BLIND FAITH," (which is not surrender) that leads you into darkness, when you do not question it.

Not taking responsibility for your own salvation has given power to those that would use your vulnerability to keep you on the straight and narrow. Not yours, but theirs.

The human ability to see "black" and call it "white," is a real blessing in a world of contradictions that require us to make a choice and believe nothing else. There is no one more blind than he who will not see. This has lead us into the notion of right and wrong, you are wrong, I am right. We both cannot be right, right?

If we could live with the choices of others not being as our own, we would free ourselves from the necessity of making any kind of choice and double the possibilities that lay before us. It would be another major step into expanding our enlightenment. To truly free humanity, mankind must see all aspects of itself as being free.

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister,light worker, writer and author of Spiritual New Age Wisdom books written in simple language with the eloguence of Zen wisdom.


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