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Listen to the sound of silence. Enjoy the peace and quiet.Listen to the wind, minimize the clutter in your mind. Feel the deafening sound of silence.

You and I need moments of serenity.It is the only way to hear the inner stirrings of the soul. The spirit gets stronger when allowed moments of serenity.

Is your energy low, sluggish?Try hard to stay away from hurtful memories.We all have them. These are very draining, it depletes energy. You need that energy to help you live a vibrant life, helps to keep your mind agile and more in tune with the positive aspects of life.

Stress drains energy. Worry drains energy. Guilt drains energy. Anger drains energy.Disorganization drains energy. Negative people with negative attitude drain energy.

Keep out of reach of these energy "drainers".

Take time each day to quieten your mind.Start your day with a brief meditation.State positive affirmations. The mind is clearer upon waking.

Enjoy the beauty of nature that's around you. Let the gentle breeze kiss your cheeks, sweep through your being. Let tranquility embrace you.

Yes, feel peace and serenity as you stop to listen and gaze into Nature's beauty. Enjoy the freshness of the morning breeze, or the warmth of the gentle evening wind.

Stop thinking of the shortfalls of life. This is all in your mind.Count your blessings.

How many trials and pain have you survived? Many, I'm sure.These entered your life in many forms. They came uninvited, unannounced, invasive. at times disturbing.

But you survived. Know that you are a winner!!

Yes, you survived a lot- this includes deep pain , self- doubt,insecurity, but you managed to move on. Be thankful.These should be reasons to face life and this world with gratitude.

Appreciate all the gifts of this life. What is there to complain about?You can move on and get on to the next phase.Take a big step forward.

Do you believe in your personal power?Walk with confidence, be clear about who you are. Define and validate yourself. Think of your successes, learn from your mistakes.

What are your dreams? Go ahead and pursue your dreams. Bless the day when you will realize your dreams!

Acknowledge your accomplishments.Learn to forgive. Let love flow into your life. Count your blessings.


> About the writer:
> Bonnie Moss writes about spirituality, tools available to all to walk the path. Visit her website , a metaphysical site that offers information on tarot, crystals, aura, journalling and other topics.



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