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Soulstretch: Raising the Bar on Nobility and Nicety

In the make-believe world, too, fiction and films are filled with flawed characters fighting their way to selfish goals. Pick up any book on how to write novels and short stories and you see the word "conflict" in bold.

For mass conflict, consider that people love war. Even the blasted bodies of innocent babies in a battle zone do not prompt the laying down of arms or the hammering of pistols into plowshares.

It doesn't have to be that way. The change starts with secret questions. You have to be silently skeptical of all you've been taught. You must privately challenge every authority and doubt the word of every teacher, messenger, mystic or prophet to get to truth at rock bottom. This appeal to the secret, silent, private side of your nature means you are about to get acquainted with your soul

Soulstretch is a term we have coined to help you extend your goals to new heights of glory. Why settle for average when you can be great

We'll leave arguments about what the soul is and how it functions to philosophers. If you can sense an aspect of your being that is super-intelligent, supremely safe and loving, you are on the right track. If you suspect ever so slightly that this super-self is capable of revolutionizing your life, that's good enough to understand this article

Soulstretch insists that nobility and nicety are your birthright. You are capable of lofty thoughts and upstanding character. You can be genuinely kind and generous by choice without sappy idealism and religious threats. You can achieve outstanding feats so far above you they are impossible to imagine right now. All this by listening to your soul

Do not expect some mind-boggling, whacky occurrence. Soul is so ordinary it does not need shocking events, mysterious signs or eerie voices. All it takes are questions you ask in solitude with absolute honesty in the answers. You don't ask your friends for they can't help you. If you read spiritual books, know that they contain someone else's experience. You still have a long way to go to make soul knowledge personal-so real you understand all by yourself, not dependent on infallible teachers and special revelations.

Soulstretch is all about you and how you can gather confidence and courage to face the universe alone but with complete certainty of riches and happiness now and in the future

Soulstretch can be difficult for many people for they haven't a clue as to how to think for themselves. They wouldn't dream of questioning holy writings yet that is what your soul longs to do. Surprisingly, your faith may grow but the difference is you believe through deep conviction not blind obedience

Soulstretch may mean different things to different people, but the bottom line is freedom. You break the chains of myths and traditions that sell you short and place other people above you. You are free of doubt about life's magnificent purpose and the magnificent role you play.

It may take feistiness and fortitude to find your independent soul, but here conflict is turned to good, not aimed at others. You can plan a program of soul stretching exercises, such as daily reading, affirmations, journal writing and meditation. Or you can say to your soul, "Look here, friend. Let's get this show on the road. I want the highest, finest and best and trust you to point the way. I've heard that's your job."

Betty McNeal is a author, teacher and spiritual counselor and is honored in "Who's Who in America, 2004". Her formal education consists of degrees in Education, Law, and Library Science. In her spare time for a period of 40 yers she studied the wisdom of the universe and set her new insights down in her book, "Amazing Plan for Total Success. See her website: http://toughspirit.com for more details.


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