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How To Walk On The Path Of Peace (Part 3)

As you grow in wisdom, you will release, more and more, self-limiting beliefs, which are transient, and become aware of the powerful role you play in bringing change to the whole.

Through your meditations knowledge of eternal principles is realized, and the power, which results from meditation, is the ability to rest upon and trust those principles. The end of meditation is, therefore, direct knowledge of Truth, God, and the realization of divine and profound peace.

As you sincerely meditate, you will first perceive a truth, gently and fleetingly present in your awareness, and then begin realizing it by daily practice in your thoughts and actions. Though by pure thought the Truth is perceived, and actualized only by practice.

In your meditations, therefore, let your heart grow and expand with ever-broadening love, until, freed from all hatred, and judgments, it embraces the whole universe with thoughtful tenderness. Be fearless, and believe in the grandest possibilities. Believe that a life of absolute humbleness is possible, believe that a life of joy and happiness is possible; believe that a life of prosperity is possible; believe that a life of perfect peace is possible; believe that the realization of the highest Truth is possible. As you believe, so will be your experience.

As you realize the divine Love, the divine Justice, the divine Purity, the Perfect Law of Good, or God, your experience of bliss and peace will be profound. Old things and ideas will cease to exist for you, and all things will appear new. The veil of the material universe will be lifted and the spiritual universe will be revealed. Time will cease, and you will live only in Eternity.

The difference between a man of fear and a man of power is not in the strength of the personal will, but in their focus of consciousness which represents their states of awareness.

We begin to develop power when, being aware of our limiting thoughts, we start to check it. We fall back upon the higher and calmer consciousness within ourselves, and begin to steady our selves upon a principle. The realization of unchanging principles in consciousness is both the source and secret of the highest power.

When, after much searching, and meditating, the light of an eternal principle dawns upon our consciousness, a divine calm follows and unspeakable joy fills our heart.

People who have realized such a principle cease to wander, and remain balanced and self-assured. They cease to be a victim, and become master-builders in the Game of Life.

Take the principle of Unconditional Love, and quietly and with gentle awareness meditate upon it. Bring its searching light on all your habits, your actions, your speech and interactions with others, your every secret thought and desire. As you persevere in this exercise, Unconditional Love will become more and more perfectly revealed to you. You will begin to release all limited perceptions of Love until you bring yourself into perfect harmony with Unconditional Love. This state of inward harmony is spiritual power. Look also at other spiritual principles, such as Grace and Compassion, and apply them in the same way.

As you understand, realize, and rely upon, these principles, you will acquire spiritual power, and this power will be manifested in and through you in the form of increasing detachment, patience and calmness.

Detachment brings with it superior self-control; patience is the very characteristic of divine awareness, and to retain absolute calmness amid all the responsibilities and distractions of life, marks off the person of power.

Jin Dhaliwal is an Energy Healer and does distance sessions for those who are unable to see her personally. She shares the regular insights she receives through meditation with the world at http://www.PeaceBecomesMe.com.


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