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It Seems We Have All Taken a POW

Just for a moment think of what is stopping you from living your dream. Is it fear? Is it change? Most people in today's world have thought that at some point in their spirits evolution that money is the root of all evil. The correct way to look at that is that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money itself is a means to an end.

In order to achieve anything in this world we need resources whether they be friends, information or money. I have always lived my life with the knowing that I am a creator of my reality. I always have plenty, and plenty to share.

When I think of business opportunities I always am thinking of my family, my friends and my community and then that extends out to the world. I would never choose to harm the environment just for the means of another dollar in my pocket. But the things that I do choose are always consistent with my beliefs. What do you believe?

I think at a soul level most of us have taken a POW. A pow is a word that I use to describe the vow of poverty. It hits us when we are not looking and keeps us down and out. I have many friends who live a life of poverty because they can not allow themselves to prosper, especially if they think it is at someone else's expense. I have learned that there is a universal law of giving and receiving. In order to receive you must give. In order to give you must allow yourself to receive. That is a hard one for most people.

I have found my passion is helping people find not only wealth but their health as well and that starts a trickle effect. They begin to do more for themselves and then they share with others how they have turned their lives around and eventually the pebble that I threw has created a ripple effect that in time builds into a massive wave of healthy, wealthy people. What would you do if you had your health and wealth?

The first thing to do at this very moment is close your eyes and release from your soul the POW! Acknowledge that perhaps somewhere inside of you there might be a shadow that has held this vow of poverty. Give thanks for the lesson it has given you and release it from your grips. That is it! Simple huh?

Watch for new opportunities coming your way. Once you open your heart and soul to the love of self and that is reflected in the eyes of everyone you meet, you will find that the world is your oyster and anything and everything is possible. One more suggestion that I will share is to find an organization, charity or religious group to tithe to. This magnetically aligns you with the universal law of abundance. The circle then continues! Blessings of health and abundance to you all.

Deborah Haight can be contacted at dhaight@coldreams.com or check out her websites http://www.deborah113.nobszone.com and http://www.dhaight.natureswellnesssecret.com


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