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Everything is Happening for the Good

When we feel that something has gone wrong and are very much disappointed then people will console us saying "Probably, there is some good in whatever is happening to you". Here I would like to comment on this saying. Firstly, don't think that people console this way. It is the truth that there is some good in our present situation. The reason behind this is that how can God, our Creator, put us in trouble? It is lack of our faith that we are feeling that wrong has happened to us. Secondly, its NOT PROBABLY but DEFINITELY there is some good in our present situation. At this time, we may be feeling bad but sooner or later we will discover that whatever has happened to us was good infact.

Let me give my real experience to emphasize my point. It may seem boring but follows a very good point. One afternoon, I had to go for some denting-painting work of my car. My wife stopped me. Then, I thought of going to a weekly book market. Again, she held me back. I was very much frustrated and angry with her. Suddenly, I found that my son was having some severe breathing problems. I ranged up our family doctor who advised me to rush to the hospital. Instead of taking my son to the hospital where we usually go, I took him to another hospital on the view that our first hospital admits the patient (whether really required or not) just for making money. My son was hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as he was having pneumatic and asthmatic attack. Doctors were trying their best to make him survive and we all were praying to God for his life.

In the above cited my real-life experience, there are so many points that put forward the belief that "EVERTHING IS HAPPENING FOR THE GOOD". I was made to stay at home. This helped me to take my son to hospital at the right time. Similarly, if we had taken him to our first hospital then we would have brought him home back assuming that hospital people unnecessarily asking for hospitalization and at home, he would have got more serious and some worst could have happened.

Some people (generally, these people lack faith in God) ask if someone's son dies then what good is happening in this case. But, I still hold the faith that there is some good in his death. Exact reason God knows but one reason can be that he may have to undergo severe illness in his life ahead.

Now I ask you to feel the rightness of my belief yourself. Think of a period when you think you were in trouble and distressed. Now think of events and happenings after that period. You must have felt later that there was some good in your so called trouble.

Similarly, THERE IS SOME GOOD IN my writing and your reading of this article. ALSO, REMEMBER THAT there is good for all parties involved in a happening. More on this belief in my coming articles. Till then have great faith in God and believe that EVERTHING IS HAPPENING FOR THE GOOD.

Syed Feroz Zainvi has obtained M.Tech. (Comp Sc & Engg) degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (INDIA). His areas of interests are distributed computing, computer graphics and Internet Technologies. Currently, he is involved in Software Project Planning, Development and Management. His other interests include writing for magazines and contributing utility softwares on Magazine's CDs. He also have flair for teaching computer science with new teaching methodologies. His web-page URL is http://www.zainvi.tophonors.com


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