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Significant Examples of the Mother Who Influenced My Life

As Mother's day is upon us, Iam moved to express my gratitude for the example of the Flame of the Mother my life has borne witness to.

My own human Mother, a Hispanic woman from a large flock of siblings (fourteen) always provided the example of humility and a loving expression in her devotion to life.

My Mother also gave to me a certain innocence and childlike quality, a natural wisdom, not outwardly sophisticated, Miss Bautista would marry an US Airman mechanic and become Bea Henry. I have fond memories as my Mother could only partially allow herself libations and liberties others openly indulged. She used to rarely drink a glass of beer, but she had to pour tomatoe juice in it. She was Catholic and used to take me as a child to church with my clip-on tie. She had no sense of fanaticism around religion. Her divinity was her Motherhood. She also likes to chew and crack sun flower seeds, which drove the Airman nutty at times.

So I think I got from my Mother temperance, and tolerance and in a way she walked the path of the Buddha, the middle way.

A very necessary ingredient in my development as a Spiritual Man was my Mother's willingness to encourage my independence from her.

I recently spoke to my Mother on the phone and she asked why I did not call more. In a sense I expressed to my Mother she had completed the Major tasks of helping me to prepare for my life's calling. It was if my soul wanted to thank my Mother for being unique and allowing me to experiment in this laboratory of being we call life.

I wanted to impress upon her that most of her mission to me was complete, that she need not worry, that she could be free to place her nurturing nature where it was now needed most.

She wouldn't call it that but my Mother taught me the "flame" of the Mother, the inspiration of freedom, the expression of one's sense of duty; she encouraged me to discover my purpose and didn't shelter me from life's initiations. My Mother wasn't constantly attempting to "rescue" me from hardships or pain, though she knew to comfort.

So I stood that day in a more fuller stature as a Man, as a "manifestation" of becoming a greater light and I said in supreme gratitude before my Mother, "you are my Mother, always will be that one who bore me," but I AM God's son first.

My Mother gave me, transferred to me by her heart, by her example a seed of wholeness that I would come to know as an inner blueprint of the Divine Mother within myself

It would be another who would come, who could clarify in me, codify in me what were the principals, the practical basis of learning what was the Culture of the Divine Mother was and how it would shape my mission.

Sometime during 1993 I made the association, an outer awareness of The Path of The Ascended Masters through a lecture televised on a cable TV program delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It was both understated and remarkably inspiring. It just wasn't the significant mystical content she was expressing, something of a Gnostic understanding of the Teachings of Jesus, among the seeming paradox of Christianity and Karma. It was the tangible, emanation of Love, a divine effusive quality that radiated even over the broadcast. It was her and yet it was something transcending something that emanated with an equal presence of strength and softness. It was the quality of the Mother, but it was power too.

My very being moved forward as when one experiences something significant, something that by its essence draws one in. In the simplest terms I looked upon the face, felt the vibration of one who had a great love for the divine.

It was my first significant awareness of what the presence, the fullness of what the divine mother energy could embody.

I would learn subsequently of these servants of the Light, Spiritual emissaries, beings of benevolence and humility who had mastered the tests of time and space, who had ascended to the heavenly etheric realms and had chosen to continue, serve our platform of evolution.

Over, the ensuring months I received an accelerated instruction and training in some of the earth's history, I studied the Ascended Masters teachings how we had lived in greater civilizations under divine law.

Mrs. Prophet illuminated the Ascended Masters discourses of the coming opportunities and initiations we would face during these times. The "Age of Aquarius" represented the age of freedom, but the human predicament was predicated by the actions and choices of earth's people. Many could serve the causes of light, of transcendence, of co-creating in harmony with higher law and we could reestablish in consciousness and form that which is intended on inner realms.

Today we live in the regenerative period of the "Culture of the Divine Mother" and most people do not know what that means.

We have before us the opportunity to fashion and create in the image and likeness of the Divine Mother, a culture, a civilization that out pictures and expresses the qualities and advancements of a Golden Age we have know before.

How do we begin to draw forth, to draw down from those higher octaves of being this "blueprint", this inspiration that can transform our physical plane, the very earth body and its people?

We begin in a shift of consciousness.

We have a race consciousness that contains the memory and impressions of our previous incarnations in Civilizations and Epochs of living during these enlightened ages.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain outlined some of these periods to Guy Ballard when he took Ballard up into inner levels and "re-vivified" these experiences and times in full, panoramic dimensions. You can read about these accounts in "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence", two books written during the period of the 1930's.

The inspirations and impressions for this "Culture", this platform of higher existence we can manifest on Earth already exists on inner levels in "Etheric Cities of Light". Many people have witnessed to this in their accounts by traveling in their finer soul bodies while their physical bodies are at rest during sleep.

This is known as "Soul Travel" to the higher enteric octaves and is not to be confused with lower, denser astral experiences that can simply be a conglomerate of human effluvia and desires that collect in the Astral Plane which also can occur during out of body experiences.

Another great book that explains and describes these etheric cities, Spiritual retreats of the Ascended Masters is, "The Masters and their Retreats", published 2003.

Much is in our hands, much is to be determined. The outer manifestation of the Divine Mother on Earth is to be inspired; it can be cultivated by our beauty, our sense of joy, of the fulfilling of our dharma and purpose.

It is crystallization, an alchemical fire that is contained as a seed in the light bearers much like the seed of the divine mother flame that has been fed and nurtured by loving Mother in manifestation. That loving Divine Mother is in all of us, it is a seed of creation that forms and bursts in the fires of being , ever penetrating, ever expanding, that we would become agents of its expression. It is a divine cosmos aborning, ever hoping to celebrate the Divine Mother. Ever Loving, Ever present. NAMASTE! Happy Mother's Day!


Please feel free to contact me, at sirronald@earthlink.net if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to see the pictures and illustrations that go with this article," click the following link http://www.missionsaintgermain.com/id5.html

Ron Henry writes a range of personal, down to earth articles focusing on a more insightful sometimes Spiritual, Mystical purposes and discovery. Hopefully these articles stand alone as inspiration and even sometimes, whimsy and wit to a contemplative side of Life. Most of these and others have been posted in the navigation bar of http://www.missionsaintgermain.com that explores Ron's research and experiences with Saint Germain, Ron has perceived since childhood.



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