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Developing the Have-ing-ness Consciousness! Divine Prosperity Principles

How a Divine "Dream", gave me a Spiritual Principle for abundance!

Sometime back over several years ago, I experienced what was an interesting "dreamlike" experience during a daytime nap that revealed to me a "law" of abundance.

I was shown an understanding of how blessing all the good in your life you receive is truly a necessary step to receive the next part of our abundant plan.

In this "dream," which I have since come to accept was actually an dimensional experience where through symbology I was given a key to comic laws of precipitation.

In this sequence I was above a curb or street gutter that had a flow of water running through it. Below the level of water I could see where coins were located. They appeared to be mired in mud. I reached down to pick them up and those muddied, covered coins became radiant, shining vessels of light.

My mind then was illuminated with the thought form that even the smallest increments and denominations represent in some level or form a portion of the greatest LIGHT and RADIANCE and it needs to be acknowledged as such.

I was instructed to be of great "Joy", when finding any coin, especially even pennies which are overlooked and even cast upon with the energies of disfavor. Finding money is a blessing and it means to find it, means that money and resources are being found or discovered on your path. It's both symbolic and practical and it should always be met with Joy and appreciation, it is also a manifestation even if it a nickel or penny.

The "instruction" I was getting went on. I was led to pluck from those waters running along the curb, the coins contained there in. The whole sequence of these images were vibrantly infused with LIGHT, a glowing effusive light. It became evidently clear all of life is intended to be a receptor and expressive of that light. It was if I was both receiving "mental" instructions and the images themselves, were conveying, imprinting upon my inner mind and sight, these impressions of "perfection". I also "got" that what I was seeing was another "key" as to how I was to "project" and perceive life, itself....everyday....ordinary life, except with this radiant quality of Universal Light.

The "flow" of understanding illuminated in me to take a coin and raise it in "God Gratitude" for its appearance and then to call forth in Invocation, to the Universal source in appreciation and to call for the multiplication of the greatest increase in the world of form. It was indicated to the level we infuse with Joy and Gratitude the law will expand and multiply.

I have used this ritual every time I "find" money, coins on my path. Often times they appear just like how they were uncovered and blessed in those series of Visionary insights.

My understanding since then has also expanded to include the aspect of not only calling forth the abundant increase of supply and multiplication, but to call forth for the increase of greater opportunity to render service to life and to bless and heal those souls of light. To find and secure for the causes of light all projects of service and Victory.

There is so much more to these insights from this "teaching" I was given, but over the years, whenever I "find" these coins on my path, it hurls me into a reminder of the Universal order of supply. Conversely, at times I can re-call when I went periods of time without finding these "tokens of light" In those periods I would return to the principals of Gratitude and blessings to all areas of my life and especially to re-ignite my connection to source. Almost always, there would be an expedient and measured to greater flow. It remains the principals and acknowledgement that are truly the activators of being able to call forth that circulation that treasures great and small can occur.

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Please feel free to contact me, at sirronald@earthlink.net if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to see the pictures and illustrations that go with this article," click the following link http://www.missionsaintgermain.com/id22.html

Ron Henry writes a range of personal, down to earth articles focusing on a more insightful sometimes Spiritual, Mystical purposes and discovery. Hopefully these articles stand alone as inspiration and even sometimes, whimsy and wit to a contemplative side of Life. Most of these and others have been posted in the navigation bar of http://www.missionsaintgermain.com that explores Ron's research and experiences with Saint Germain, Ron has perceived since childhood.


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