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Bringing Heaven to Earth: Looking for the Good

Everyday I am challenged to find the good in things: world events; newspaper headlines; hometown issues; even my marriage. Of all of the Spiritual Scientist characteristics this one seems to go in and out of focus the most.

Six characteristics of a Spiritual Scientist:

1. Uses everything for learning, growth and awareness
2. Looks for the good in all things
3. Works masterfully with the human nature
4. Lives in the present with intention

5. Takes full responsibility for everything in their life
6. Develops multidimensional awareness as a divine being

When I am successful at shifting the lens from "I don't like this" to "I see the good in this" and perceive and receive the awareness of 'good' in all things my body is flooded with peace. I have come to treasure this kinesthetic shift as very precious - a pearl of great price. And the 'price" that is exacted, I have noticed, is letting go of my fear and seeing with the eyes of the soul.

Fear is the number one culprit that robs me of my peace and knowing the goodness that is present. Fear steals silently into my thoughts influencing and shaping how I hear, see, taste and smell a conversation, a news story, or a world event. If I am not vigilant I find myself mired in the fog of helplessness, hopelessness and contraction.

In other words, an illusion is created and one that my rational mind supports whole heartedly. The inner dialogue goes something like this?."This is not good. This is bad. What will be next? I better begin protecting myself." or "That's horrible. Why did that happen? I can't trust this universe. Or I can't trust ?" And quite unconsciously, my heart shuts down.

When my heart is shut down I do not see 'good' anywhere because good is perceived by the heart - not the mind.

The key is to remember to shift out of my mind chatter and access the greater being - my divinity. My divinity is a direct door to greater wisdom, intuition and inner knowing.

My secret weapon is asking for the light - 'living in God's holy thoughts'. When I ask for the light - again and again - my divinity breaks through my mind's defense ever so gently with the compassionate query: "What's the greater picture here? What other possible choice could you make other than seeing this as bad?" "What is the real fear that is present in this moment?"

Now here is a question that causes me to pause - And as I stop my mind chatter long enough to quiet and focus on my breathing I hear the truth?I'm afraid because I feel out of control. I can't control that person, that situation or those people.

"But what is the ultimate control?" that gentle voice asks again. "Cooperating with what is?accepting that there is much I cannot control outside of me but what I can control is present here, inside, in this moment." I take a deep breath in and remember, all is well.

"OK, what can I cooperate with in this moment?", I ask myself.

A loving, caring heart
Willingness to hold for the unseen good
Compassion for myself and for all those that are involved
Peace that is beyond all the mind chatter

And so I have found the good, once again and I experience that precious presence of peace. I realize once more that good is present because I put it there. I am the creator and cocreator of the good.

And the good becomes:
Courage to face the fear
Willingness to make another choice
Inner strength to ask myself scary questions
Patience to wait for the higher revelation

As a Spiritual Scientist - one who has chosen to observe through the eyes of the soul and see the good, I serve myself, others and the world. Now, that is good.

Rebecca Skeele is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving Her coaching and counseling business, Make It Heaven, LLC offers life changing courses and workshops inspiring people to become masterful at cocreating their personal heaven on earth. An ordained minister, Rebecca is an international workshop leader and speaker. Her new course, Becoming a Spiritual Scientist: A Course for Cocreators gives practical tools to move beyond story-based reality and begin living intentionally with divinity. Enrollment for FALL 2005 course now. For more information about Soul Salons and course enrollment visit Rebecca's new website: http://www.spiritual-scientist.com or email course@spiritual-scientist.com


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