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The Forgotten Secret

It's not exactly a news flash that we live in an increasingly complex society. Technology is changing at a pace so rapidly that even the experts are hard pressed to keep up. Our businesses are changing daily and becoming more competitive than ever before. Our children are facing challenges and pressures unheard of a decade ago and our personal lives have become a fast paced, multi tasked assortment of responsibilities and activities requiring the agility of a circus performer to just cope with daily living.

We have created an army of helpers consultants, coaches and mentoring programs for our businesses, psychologists, therapists and other professionals for our personal lives, support groups and more to help us in our search for a little peace and happiness.

In the midst of this, surrounded by our network of support people, institutions, medicines et al, we have lost touch with one simple, yet profound idea that has always been available to us. The forgotten secret. The simple act, referred to by author, Og Mandino as the "three little words," of asking for help from a Power greater than ourselves.

It is a simple enough thing to do, costs nothing, requires no special equipment, travel or clothing and can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime. All you need do is put your hands together, palms touching, fingers pointing upward toward the heavens, and, in a sincere voice, repeat these magic words "I need help."

That's it! That simple act, overlooked perhaps because it is too simple in our otherwise complicated world, can bring all the forces of the Universe to your aid. It has worked for thousands of years and will continue to do so for all eternity.

The next time you are facing a challenge or problem you feel is more than you can handle, use this technique and know that the help you need will appear. Know that there is One who is always there for you, no matter what. You may suddenly have an idea, receive a telephone call or a visit from a friend, have an impulse to take a certain action. Whatever your intuition tells you to do, whatever you feel is the next step, go forth with confidence, knowing that you are never alone. Knowing that help is there for the asking but remember, you have to ask. And then, of course, act.

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