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Psychic Vampires, and How to Cope with Them!

Forget what you have read or seen about vampires. The old image of count Dracula, or even his modern contempories is not what we are going to talk about here. No.

Instead put away those stereotypes that you have seen in the movies, or read in a novel, or even seen on Buffy!

Psychic Vampires are real!

Don't believe me?

First of all, let me explain to you all, these vampires are roaming around today, in your town! On your street, and even in your house!

They look just like you or me, and pass for normal folk. Some have jobs, money, lives and everything else that you or I may have.

Before you accuse me of talking total bull and tell me to get real, I will assure you that I am completely serious.

Psychic vampires exist, but they don't suck the blood of virgins, or only come out at night, or any other superstition accredited to the vampire of myth and legend.

The one thing they do have in common is feeding, feeding off your life force!

How do they do that? I hear you ask, then listen while I tell you.

The Psychic vampire can be found in every walk of life, man or woman, rich or poor, everyone is a potential psychic vampire.

A psychic vampire is someone who is a leech looking for a suitable host, and when they find one, they will drain away the life essence from them, and leave them feeling totally drained.

I bet you know at least one person like that. Still don't know what I'm saying?

Lets see a few examples.

The friend who turns up on your doorstep one day, insisting to come in when you have just finished a 13 hour shift, and all you really want to do is go to bed. The only trouble is, they won't leave no matter how much you yawn and look at the clock.

Another, the neighbour who comes around just when you and your partner have been left alone for some quality time, they keep making excuses to stay no matter on how much you insist, "No sorry, I haven't got an elastaplast/cup of sugar/etc."

Other examples include:

the mother in law,

Kids when they want the latest video game that costs $$$!

The list could go on.

Basically, a Psychic vampire is any person who, after spending a certain amount of time with them, will leave you feeling drained.

Physically, mentally and spiritually.

These type of people should be avoided at all costs, unless you want to feel that way!

How to deal with them best is to show no quarter, don't give in to their demands or constant moaning. If you do, they will have you exactly where they want you, and start to feed from your vital energy.

Be strong and don't let them win, they will soon go on their way and find another victim before long. Better someone else than you!

Your willpower will do wonders against these foul beasts much more than garlic and crosses would ever do!

Remember, never give them an inch, and stand your ground and say "NO!" to whatever demands they may ask of you. If it is sympathy they want, say "Sorry I have to go out, I'm busy" or similar to get yourself out of the feeding circle. It could be any manner of time consuming functions they want you for, but still say no, and keep saying no.

After a while, they will see that you are no easy touch, and find a new more sypathetic "Victim/friend"

Heed my words, or you may be next!

Will Grundy has been involved in matters of the occult and the spirt since he was young, he runs the Doncaster Ghostwatch Project (DGWP) a Doncaster, UK based paranormal group http://www.doncasterghostwatch.webitsmart.co.uk and can be found also on the DGWP forums of which he runs http://www.dgwp.proboards57.com. If you want to contact him for any reason, email him at grun577@aol.com and he will be happy to chat to you about all things strange...


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