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You will become as great as your dominant aspiration...If you cherish a vision, a lofty ideal in your heart, you will realize it.~James Allen, As You Think

This morning I was thinking about the structure of consciousness. I'd like to share my ideas with you because they'll give you a grasp of how you are the architect of your own abundance.

We experience consciousness as thinking. Thinking, in turn, arises from the senses interacting with the world, absorbing data, and then mapping out the meaning of that information. Thinking is a compulsive and flowing habit, an incessant pulsation of electromagnetic waves in our brains.

However to think, we need a thinker. Thus, while thinking may appear to be all that there is to consciousness, some quiet contemplation will reveal a thinker behind the thinking.

Usually, the thinking controls the thinker. However, after some prolonged spiritual practice, like Zen, the thinker can become detached from the thinking and see that thinking is an autonomous habit.

In fact, a seasoned practitioner of meditation and contemplation can even voluntarily stop thinking all together. At this point, consciousness appears to be pure awareness, observation of the world without attachment and aversion. Those who attain this present moment consciousness are said to be enlightened.

Who or what is this thinker? I believe the thinker is the soul. The soul is a non-material unit of consciousness. It abides in the human body infusing it with life-force and organizing that life-force or essential vitality with what is called mind.

When a person dies, the soul has left it. The soul then travels to other dimensions. The soul is a deathless entity that cannot be injured in any way.

All mishap and injury occur to the mind and the body. An injury to the mind is a life-upset, a paradigm crash, which traps aspects of the life-force. The purpose of a good psychologist is to release and reintegrate that life-force particle so that the person regains their vigor for life again.

Behind the soul, however, is pure consciousness. While the soul is conditioned by materiality because it is incarnated in a mind-body complex, pure consciousness is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. This quantum field of pure potentiality that brings all things into existence and remains in a constant state of non-dual beingness, consciousness, and bliss we call God.

Let us now return to thinking, and we shall see that it is the cause of all our experiences. And because it is, we can engineer it to create a life of complete satisfaction.

The organization and arrangement of thinking is within a framework, we call mind.

Mind, in turn, has three components: superconsciousness, consciousness, and subconsciousness.

Since we are mainly familiar with our conscious mind, we shall start by discussing it.

What the conscious mind does is think. It mainly uses verbal language to do this thinking. The conscious mind can hold only a little bit of information. The rest of the information is then delegated to the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind holds all the information of the person. Now, the subconscious mind speaks a different language. It speaks in the language of pictures, emotions, and sensations.

The function of the conscious mind is to review the world and make decisions about it. The conscious mind gathers data, sifts and sorts through it, and then decides what it wants. This is called a decision.

The function of the subconscious mind is to bring those decisions into experience. The subconscious mind projects electromagnetic waves into the quantum field where it then interacts with similar energetic patterns and draws them into a person's experience. Thus, just like a movie projector, the images on the film are translated into the screen of experience.

This is where it gets interesting. The conscious mind decides and the subconscious mind follows that decision without question. Unfortunately because they speak different languages, translation difficulties often occur.

Thus while the conscious mind decides that it wants, say, more money, the subconscious mind may interpret this to be a threat based on feelings that arose from past negative experiences with money. So the dictate of the conscious mind is nullified by the conditioning of the subconscious mind. What happens is that the person is baffled to find that money does not show up in their lives despite their need, desire, and even desperation for it. They have read about the metaphysical laws of attraction and the supporting evidence of anecdotes and quantum mechanics but somehow nothing happens.

What needs to happen is that the conscious mind and the subconscious mind have to be aligned. This happens through an inner conversation. By sitting still, a person can get focused to use the conscious mind to read the feelings and sensations that money creates in them. This reading is a view of the subconscious mind. If the thinker notices fear, then the subconscious mind is programmed to repel money from their experience. No matter how long they affirm what they want, the subconscious mind is listening to a previous command that was installed by a bad financial experience.

Once the misalignment is detected there are two ways to correct it. One is the positive way and the other is the negative way. (And when I say positive and negative, I don't mean a value judgment of good and bad, I just mean that they are different polarities.)

The positive way is to realize that you are a soul and connected to an infinite source of anything that you could possibly need or want. You then channel the quantum field of infinite potentiality through visualizing an image of white light coming in through the top of your head and filling your heart with what you want. This then switches the negative feelings of the subconscious mind into the desired positive feelings. This is the metaphysical approach.

The negative way is to go into the subconscious mind, recall the bad past experiences, and release your emotional attachment to them. In this way, by correcting the problem, your subconscious mind will realign to suit your conscious wishes. This is the approach used by most psychological theories to heal major life upsets.

Once the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are in alignment, the intention is then accepted by the subconscious mind which then lobbies the proper vibrations into the superconscious mind. The superconscious mind, in turn, returns the vibration as an experience.

Since we're getting very abstract, an analogy might clear things up a little. Suppose you're working in a small store and you're dying of thirst. You can't leave to get something to drink because you have customers to attend and you're the only one running the show. Using the principles of the Law of Attraction, you use your conscious mind to direct your subconscious mind to bring you a Gatorade. You see it, feel it, and believe it. The sensations from your body tell you that the subconscious mind is in alignment with your desire. You then let the idea go. An hour passes, and lo and behold, your friend stops by and because it's a hot, sweltering day, thoughtfully stopped by the grocery store to pick up a Gatorade for you.

We label such experiences coincidences, but coincidences can be deliberately created by understanding the structures of consciousness.

So far, we have alluded to the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and hinted at something called the superconscious mind. It's very difficult to understand the superconscious mind and very few writers make a stab at it. Some call it the Universal Mind, others the collective unconscious, and yet others the quantum field of pure potentiality, or God.

It is this superconscious mind that translates the vibrations sent out by the subconscious mind. This work is so subtle that to the conscious mind it is always magical. When a message is sent to the superconscious mind, two things can happen: serendipidity and synchronicity.

Serendipity is when an idea or inspiration of enormous magnitude falls into your mind. These reflections, for example, occurred to me after I asked myself about the structure of consciousness when I was in meditation.

Synchronicity is another way the superconscious mind responds to a subconscious broadcast. An example is the illustration about the Gatorade bottle showing up for the thirsty store clerk. In my own life, a recent example of synchronicity was discovering websites that can double your money. I then created a free course around that so that participants could develop the right mindset to benefit from these investment programs.

Finally, here is another way to use your mind to create magic in your life. It's a popular way used for centuries. It's called prayer. As the Bible puts it, "Seek ye first the Kingdom Of God and all these things shall be added unto thee." Also, "Let go, and let God," as they say in 12 step programs.

For prayer to work, two conditions must be met. One is a positive feeling after the prayer is sent out. This positive feeling is faith. Without a positive feeling, faith is absent and the prayer returns as void. The second condition is to completely release attachment to control of the outcome. This is more popularly called, surrender. Complete faith and surrender make prayer work.

Whether you choose to bring serendipidity or synchronicity into your life indirectly through conversing with your subconscious mind or directly through prayer--or both if you like-- you have to let go of the ego's desire for knowing how. It is not possible to know how something is going to come into your experience because your conscious mind does not have the information to calculate the infinite variables of the quantum field.

It's possible to live life by design. You accomplish this by tapping into the full spectrum of consciousness available to you.

Saleem Rana got his Masters degree in psychotherapy from California Lutheran University. His articles on the internet have inspired over ten thousand people from around the world. Discover how to create a remarkable life

Copyright 2004 Saleem Rana. Please feel free to pass this article on to your friends, or use it in your ezine or newsletter. It's a shareware article.


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