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You have everything you need: a miraculous body, a phenomenal brain, and a vast and powerful subconscious mind. Now it's just a matter of focusing them in the right direction.~Marc Allen

Although we are all born gifted with tremendous potential to conquer life, few of us rise to the occasion.

By the time we reach adulthood, most of our potential has been buried by years of corrupted beliefs.

Like clouds blocking the sun, the brilliance of our own light is hidden by a mist of doubt.

We use this doubt to create lack, limitation, negativity, and scarcity.

Unless something drastic happens to force us to tear this veil of illusions from around us, we will continue to our last day on earth to believe the huge lie that somehow we lacked greatness.

The veil was created by our agreement with the scripts of consensual reality. We agreed with our parents, our teachers, our elders and our institutions because we didn't know that another dimension of possibility existed within us.

For us to even recognize that a veil of untruth has bound us our whole lives, we need to have a paradigm crash. We need a disruption of our habitual existence. We need to be jolted into aliveness.

A paradigm crash can be any shocking event: a car accident, a death, an injury, a loss of a lover, a loss of a job, or even simply a loss of face. This accident startles us into feeling intensely. When this happens, we awaken momentarily to ask about the meaning of our lives and we inquire about the possibility of an alternative way of experiencing reality.

Yet even this accident may not be enough. It all depends on our response to it. We can let the accident bury us, causing us to be stuck in time and to live in a low mood. Or we can seek healing and forgiveness.

In the response to overcome our discontent by seeking relief through a therapeutic practice, whether it be reading a book or taking a course to expand our awareness, whether it be adopting a spiritual practice or seeking the help of a counselor skilled in grief issues, we begin to peel away the layers of our illusion.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the world is referred to as Maya, an illusionary framework for soul to navigate through to awaken to its own greatness. The popularity of the first Matrix movie arose because of an unconscious recognition that things are not real but only appear to be.

The reality of everything is that we are truly great, the expression of a deathless soul, the offspring of a great cosmic power of pure consciousness.

Only when we seize our discontent, will we begin the journey to discover our own greatness and heal the lie of our limitations.

We are amnesic gods in disarray.

Saleem Rana got his Masters degree in psychotherapy from California Lutheran University. His articles on the internet have inspired over ten thousand people from around the world. Discover how to create a remarkable life

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