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Out of the Closet?

We may sometimes consider the difficulty that occurs with our acceptance of ourselves and of who we are in accordance with the expectations of others. Do you understand what I am talking about? Or am I speaking alone here?

I grew up in an environment dominated with the influence of the Catholic religion, and studied in the field of Engineering and Computer Science. With these factors in mind, I grew to become a natural skeptic, without realization. Any circumstance or opinion, which I encountered in respect to spirituality, would be considered with the analytical and skeptical mind that I had developed, in accordance to the environmental influences that I had grown up with.

In addition to my natural reaction of analyzing situations or circumstances that I was faced with in my life experience, I found the result to be a contradiction of terms. There was always one thing that exceeded my capacity to analyze or scrutinize. There was always something missing in my life. Something that I realized existed beyond any of my analytical means.

Holding an engineering degree did not alter any stance in my life by any means. Throughout my life I encountered very interesting people that introduced me to the spiritual aspects of life, without making me feeling imposed upon. I was merely listening and observing at this point on my particular experience.

Over 10 years ago, specific events occurred that drove me to further investigate the significance of my spiritual path, and to discover my blueprint in life. My first step was learning about meditation. I was faced with no alternative but to accept this and try the new method without analyzing the process.

When I realized, in the beginning, that it was essential to be in touch with my female side, it left me (like any man) questioning this in terms of an affront on my masculinity. Masculinity being the main focus for concern! Of course as men, in general, we have this additional obstacle to overcome when being involved in spirituality. However, I believe we make a bigger issue out of this than is necessary.

We do have our ego, our manhood, and finally the aspect I feel to be the most important, that many men are denying any involvement in spirituality when they assume that opening their female side is associated with being gay. This is not the case. Its association with our sexual direction in life, and whatever sexual partner we choose in our life, is of our own free choice and free will.

Opening the female side within our manhood allows the opening of 'intuition' or our 'sixth sense' so to speak. This also applies to any female who requires developing her masculine side to bring strength to her decisions and to her level of assertiveness. However, with these requirements in mind, the important thing here can be summarized in one word for both the male and female - BALANCE - harmony between the male and female sides. There are so many gifted men out there that refuse to accept the spiritual side of their nature and create unnecessary inhibitions that exist only in their minds.

Throughout the last 10 years, I have developed myself spiritually by means of studying meditation, learning healing from my own guides, learning astrology, and palmistry until I discovered numerology, the subject upon which my new awareness about the Universe will start?

In the last ten years I have learnt a great deal, however, I was always "in the closet" and here I am now stepping "out of the closet"! On "stepping out of the closet", I am allowing myself the capacity to be completely open with myself, and enabling myself to express my beliefs to the public, bearing in mind, I am still involved in the 'so-called' business world with my regular day job.

Until next time?

Copyright Joseph Ghabi http://www.freespiritcentre.info

About the Author:

Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultation, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultation and PhD Candidate living in Montreal Canada.

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. Joseph started the 'Free Spirit Centre' website at http://www.freespiritcentre.info A community centre devoted to personal growth, self help, soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and human issues. You can find over 800 articles on the site.

Joseph task is in bringing Souls back to realization of their own personal power and into alignment with their own soul purpose and path of evolution.


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