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Living Between Two Worlds!

We are all here on this plane, thinking to ourselves "who am I and what am I doing here?" I believe this question is bouncing around in the heads of many people! Some of us then go in search of our answers by asking people whom we think know more than ourselves for help! We seek guidance from our mediums and psychics, from religions and other groups that we think we might find an answer and in most cases we are still left wondering. Have we ever stopped to question why? Have we asked ourselves why we are not convinced by the answers we get from other people?

It is obvious why no one can provide you with an answer. Why is that? Well, how can anyone provide you with an answer when they themselves still have the same questions lingering in the back of their own minds, yet they do not have the guts to let you know that they are still searching for that answer for themselves! So how are they able to justify the answers they are able to provide you with? Perhaps they made it up, or perhaps they have just read one too many books and have combined what they gained of insight from there with what they have figured out for themselves!

We all have the same problem. You have to learn to know, understand, believe and 'be' your own true nature otherwise you will remain lost and confused. In reality no one will let you know what your own truth is. Other people who have managed to work on themselves to discover this for themselves can offer wisdom and guidance but you are still the only one who can find yourself. You hold the truth in your own hand and you will always live in limbo until you see from the eyes of your own soul, this is the greatest truth you will ever know!

We are not all equal as souls and that is a fact of life. Some of us as souls are higher in our attainment of wisdom, compassion and of knowing the great importance of being true to ourselves than what others do. On a human level, we are all still the same except that as humans, we measure and class each other according to our place in the society, according to how much money and status we have. In reality we are worth way more than what we think and it is about time that we learnt to look toward how valuable we are as a SOUL.

For many of you who are reading this, what I am saying sound like a load of rubbish and I will probably get e-mails from some people, preaching words from the bible or some other books because they have nothing better to say for themselves. Either that or they will simply try to convince me that I am wrong, evil and a sinner and will go to Hell for what I am saying! Thank you for trying to save me from this affliction. What can I say? Well, it has already been over 2000 years and how have we progressed as human souls? Look closely and you will see that on many occasions, all the preaching we give to each other and how we act in accordance to that is usually all contradiction. That seems to have evolved into being a human nature over the years. We accept living this way and always find excuses to make for our decisions and actions then we proceed to complain that nothing in our lives is working! That is the contradiction!

With whatever words we use these days, it is all a matter of opinion in the end. I am not trying to convince you to do or believe in anything other than that which makes you feel happy and convinced that you and your life is your perfection. You do not have to listen to me, but if you did not have a questions in your mind about your life and existence here then you would not be here reading this in the first place! My intention is to provide you with an alternative in order for you to understand yourself at a deeper level by knowing the SOUL you are coming here for and from.

What is a soul? Why do they exist? Why do they need to come into a 'headache' of a plane like this one to experience all those hurdles and tough emotions one lifetime after another and really, for what? What is the prestige from all of this when every time they come here they get stuck anyway with the human mentality and its severe limitations? This is why your soul brings you your life events. They come according to your souls intended plan of progression, hoping that one day you will realize that it is all only about experiences and lessons in the end!

A soul is an accumulated energy centre of progressive knowledge and awareness of true 'God' existence though, not the way we portray it on this plane. 'God' created SOULS in his or her kingdom in order to let them exist in harmony, with compassion between each other and in unconditional love in order to bring harmony in this universe of ours which we only share a small fraction of.

How can there be different levels then between these SOULS? The SOULS in the universe live in and travel between the different planes of existence. By living in and experimenting life in the different dimensions, they gain knowledge, awareness and wisdom from the different experiences they live. According to the levels of consciousness these SOULS attain from their experiences, they are brought closer to their creator by being able to see the bigger picture of all existence. These SOULS are the children of that creator. There is no difference in value between one and another while they are in His or Her kingdom regardless of the level of evolution any SOUL has attained.

When an elevated soul arrives in this plane, they will have an identity shock and will feel lost amongst our human made values. That soul will feel as though it is living between two worlds, even if it has lost touch with its true nature after living amongst the heavy negativity and limitation that exists here. The real essence of such a SOUL will recognize existence in one world which is well based upon being unconditional love, compassion, peace and with no limitation.

Most SOULS come here to deal to every single limitation we have on this plane in a human form in order to grow and evolve at a higher level and now, in our time, there are many elevated souls who are here already and some which are being prepared to come in order to educate other souls about the nature of their being to help elevate, harmonize and balance the consciousness of this plane, even though they may no longer be aware of this! This is one of the major reasons why people feel that they do not belong in this society.

One reason why people feel that they no longer belong in groups or communities that don't seem to fit any more is because with they are feeling something else from within telling them they know better than the life they have come accustomed to! This is a calling from their SOUL to move. The longer we resist, fear and do not trust our inner voice we will end up feeling wasted, lost and end probably like our life has shattered!

If you go in search of guidance and still lost feel, do not stop searching for the right answers. You will eventually get help, as long as you are searching for the truth with a good intention for YOU. In your time of growth you can only ever be really helped by a soul which is either at or has attained a higher level of evolution than yours. They can distinguish you more easily from the crowd and then you be able to feel a click and a deep trust and knowing from within your own body. You should also bear in mind that this meeting, when it happens, has already been arranged between your souls and theirs on another level before the meeting happens. Nothing like this ever occurs by coincidence.

There is nothing wrong with being a lower leveled soul. Such judgment is not a characteristic of a SOUL, so you need not worry about that! SOULS are, in essence, pure unconditional love and it only on the human level that we choose to make judgment by classing people. Your life and growth is all about your soul evolution in the end so don't give up, even if people put you down and judge you.

Keep fighting for the things which feel right for you and your own soul. Follow your inner guidance, own deeper wisdom to bring you to where you need to be at this point in this moment of time whilst you are on this plane. If you feel your life is not in harmony as you would like it to be at this moment confirm this choice to grow to yourself and allow your soul to take charge of your life and you will see how people and circumstances shift to allow new opportunities and doors to begin opening for you to walk in a new direction.

People will always try to negate your work simply because they do not understand you or where you are coming from. Just keep walking through what you feel is best for you in the end. You will be doing yourself a favor! You must remember doing this is not easy. Letting go of people, experiences and places in your life can be tough to do, but always trust your inner guidance because your soul will never let you down.

There are many high leveled souls, old souls and SOULS from completely different planes and even galaxies here to help us. They are here to help bring changes for humanity on the earth plane. Do not be afraid if you know or feel that you are one of them because in the end, it is your SOULS mission in the first place and it is not really for you to judge, only to learn to understand!

Copyright Joseph Ghabi http://www.freespiritcentre.info

About the Author:

Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultation, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultation and PhD Candidate living in Montreal Canada.

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. Joseph started the 'Free Spirit Centre' website at http://www.freespiritcentre.info - A community centre devoted to personal growth, self help, soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and human issues. You can find over 800 articles on the site.

Joseph task is in bringing Souls back to realization of their own personal power and into alignment with their own soul purpose and path of evolution.


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