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The Gods Of Our Planet Earth

Remember me! It's me! Joseph here in touch with you again! Okay, so you don't remember! That's fine then, so let me refresh your mind a bit. When we were in spirit, we had the same discussion you know and I told you, "Hopefully you will remember me when I approach you on this plane." However, I now realize that I had forgotten to mention how I would approach you.

In reality, every person you meet, have an experience with, or if you have something to work out between you two, regardless of the outcome, you do already know about it. Sounds weird, eh? Well, if you think it does, it is your choice now to go off and read something a bit lighter.

In spirit, we do not have religions, abuse, hate, power, rape, anger, rage, and much of the other 'good' stuff that we try to cover up and for many, boast about on this plane. I think we are blessed to be in spirit in the first place. This is one reason why we always say, "At least they will be at peace" when someone is dying after a hard sickness.

Don't you remember me yet? We were always together in the other planes and never left each other side for a moment. So what changed now? Oh! I forgot we are human now. We've each been born into a different religion. We're born into different cultures and we're born into a different set of rules, morals and opinions from each other. But don't you remember the old times we had together in spirit? We are 'soul mates' and we are still the same souls and nothing has changed except the fact that we have chosen to incarnate into a life as humans.

If we go deeper within, we can all feel and sense that there are many different planes of existence. Some of us are already consciously aware, some of us are not and most of us don't even seem to care. This earth plane is one of the toughest ones to exist in and that is not a matter of my opinion-it is a living reality.

I love you for you being Christian. I love you for you being Jewish. I love you for you being Muslim. I love you for you being Hindu. I love you for you being Buddhist. I love you for you being a Scientologist. I love you for you being Spiritual. I love you for you being you and for where you belong to. Is it going to make a difference to me? No, I still see you as being the same soul as you were in the other planes, when we decided and agreed that we would be in touch with each other here on this plane. So what is the reason for you to hate me now?

Am I making you question your belief system? Am I touching into your fear that makes you begin to question your belief system and brings you to feel insecurity? I am not trying to do anything to hurt you. I am doing what you asked me to do. This is just to remind you of your source of all sources, the one that is beyond all fear, insecurity, jealousy, hatred toward others and that accepts the differences in our human belief systems. Despite all of that, I still love you.

I love you not because I am afraid of you and for what you belong to. I love you because I do respect you for who you are today. You are special and I respect your soul decision for being here and I am glad that I have the chance to be in touch with you again. I respect the many years in the Spirit world where your soul was planning this journey into this plane. If you decided to stop reading this article, I just want to let you know that I missed you and I have been waiting for us to meet again for a long while. Here we are again, friend. May peace is with you on your journey.

I love you because you believe in your god. The one which I also refer to as being 'The Great Source', however, this is still the same 'god' as yours. Don't you remember our source? The one and only one 'Great Source of Energy'? The great source of all that you know exists. The great source that nourishes us with the deep understanding of unconditional love, peace and awareness is still the same source we refer to as God. So what changed now? Why has this God today become fear to you?

We all know that many religions preach that God is love, God is forgiveness, God is eternal growth and God is power. Despite all of what is being preached to us, in reality God is still fear to many of us.

Our reality today is that we are all lost. We think that if we kill each other in an attempt to find more power, we will find peace. We think if we kill in the name of God that we will find ourselves and our place in his 'Heaven' and have peace after all. Some of us even claim that we are God's favorites by saying we are from the religion closest to God. What is that? Isn't it a huge contradiction of what we said before about God being the God of love, of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness? Don't you see it?

Only a human be-ing would distinguish between one person and the other with judgment and we can see this existing everywhere in our world, even in the same family. So it is no wonder this is being transmitted throughout the whole society and is spreading like a disease. So what is wrong with us? In the end, God is still the same for everyone and will not and cannot be one way for one person and another way for other.

Why? God is perfection and not contradiction and unfortunately we are, as humans, imperfect so who are we to judge what God is?

Look around you. God sends messengers to this plane who every religion believes in, and though each religion is different, every one comes with the same message. Yet, despite all of that, we still choose to hate each other, wish bad things upon each other and always try to ruin each other's lives in the process. All the messages were and are still very simple. We were brought the message to have love for each other, to be compassionate and to show unconditional love towards your own and your fellow human souls. God cannot and will never be controversy. It is us humans who create the controversy here and God will never stand in the way because God stands by and watches us with unconditional love, knowing that the choices we make in our lives here in this plane will determine the growth we make as souls. This in essence is the real meaning of unconditional love. The love that respects and knows that we are here for our souls to grow. We are abusing the name of God in order for us to keep boosting our human egos.

Since 1900 until now, how many wars have we had? How many wars have we been able to forgive and forget? How many wars were we able to let go of? How many wars have brought us happiness? If we were really able to accept all of these previous wars, why on earth do we still talk about them? We are having hard time being able to forgive and forget, aren't we? Maybe we need to remind ourselves under these circumstances that war simply is not an answer to solving many things. Unfortunately, war seems to be looked upon as being a good business, but the misery that prevails after is not easy to disregard.

From my understanding of our universe and how it works, we can say that there is one GOD in the universe and there are many gods on this planet earth. We worship many gods on this plane. Are you surprised? No one has told you about them. You have been watching too much of the same TV channels then. Why don't you get real and try switching to a new channel. In fact, let me name those gods for you.

Those gods are used by us to serve our human ego. We have business of wars, business of drugs, business of sex, business of hate, business of arms, business of religion, business of spirituality, business of oil, business of power, and many others that we are very proud of. There is a common dominator between all our earthly gods and what they are used for, Money!

The God of our earthly worshipping for the majority of us is the God of Money. So, in reality, we use the God of the universe only when we feel insecure and need to cover up for what we feel we have been doing 'wrong'. Sometimes we use God to try to justify what we have been doing. Isn't that true? Just think about it.

It is funny but we do all of what we do to ourselves and each other and then we go to straight to our religion in order to find support and forgiveness later. What hypocrisy we live in as humans? And we think God should bless us after all of what religion calls 'sins.' God is not even paying attention to us. He or She gave us the free will to do whatever we want to do with our life here. God is not going to punish us or forgive us at the end. It will be our soul's task to do that. It was our souls who decided to come down to this plane in the first place, yet we do not see that because our human limitation is restraining the process of our SOUL growth.

Take a moment and re-evaluate your belief system and try to understand the 'God', the one of the universe and not the gods we have created for ourselves on this plane. I believe we are confusing them a great deal. Or maybe we are not only confusing what is true; we are just taking what we know inside to be true and abusing it to promote the 'gods' of our human ego.

Many people have asked me if I believe in God. When they ask me this question, I always have little laugh to myself, wondering what God they are referring to. Sometimes, I wonder if they do actually believe in God themselves. So what is my answer to their question? "Yes, I believe in the God of this universe, the one that resides within each and every one of us and not outside of us. However, I do not believe in our fabricated 'earthly' god."

Well, if you have a smile on your face or have been nodding your head whilst reading this article, then it was nice talking with you again. If you were agitated and angry because you felt me tapping into your insecurity at any point, then all I can say is "I love you too." I wish you a good journey on this plane until we meet again as souls, free of all human limitations.

Copyright Joseph Ghabi http://www.freespiritcentre.info

About the Author:

Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultation, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultation and PhD Candidate living in Montreal Canada.

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. Joseph started the 'Free Spirit Centre' website at http://www.freespiritcentre.info - A community centre devoted to personal growth, self help, soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and human issues. You can find over 800 articles on the site.

Joseph task is in bringing Souls back to realization of their own personal power and into alignment with their own soul purpose and path of evolution.


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