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GOD Loves Us All

God, what a wonderful spirit. He, is our ever present savior and helper in times of need. This God, who loves us and lives within the beleivers of Christ,ie, "Those that are saved". What, would this world be like without Him? Could this world, inhabited by humans live in peace and prosperity? No, it could not. Why, because this world is ever controlled by the devil, and his fallen elite. They have corrupted this world beyond our comprehension and understanding.

When the Devil fell, he was sent to earth to be the God of this world. Not a literal God, but one who has control of the people that do not acknowledge God as their personal savior, and have not accepted Jesus Christ as their messiah. I bring this up, because of what I see is happening in this world. What a terrible place it has turned into. Kids are preyed upon, people have no love for anything, but, themselves. How can they? When they cannot except that there is a true loving God out there, who really cares and excepts them. The bible says, "God desires, that all men would come to repentence and forgiveness, that none should suffer eternal damnation". Like it or not, this is where you are going to go, if you refuse Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Now I know, you have heard this and probably are tired of hearing this. But, think for a moment, how wonderful of life you are missing. A life of joy, peace, and love. To know that there is a Almighty God, one who created the very foundation of the earth and heavens, "LOVES YOU". Wants you to be apart of his kingdom, and to become one of His children. What more could you ask for, there is to much at stake to lose, mainly your "SOUL".

Now, to some people, a soul does not exist, but I am here to tell you that it very much indeed exist. Our soul is our life blood, it keeps the body going, and if you are a believer, it is our contact with GOD the FATHER. Our souls cry out to Him, and He in turns talks to us through our salvation in Him. Are you willing to take the chance that there is no God? Are you willing to bet your eternal existance on this? You have only one chance in this life to except Him, and if you do not, then you are going to miss out on a paradise that cannot be described, nor, imagined. A paradise, that is beyond comprehension, so wonderful as to make anything on this earth seem dead to you. This is the power, of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. A compassionte grace that knows no bounds. This is a promise from GOD THE FATHER, that He will " Always keep us, and never forsake us". I am not telling you this, to push religion down your throats, but because I truly care about each and everyone of you. With the way things our going, in the middle east, and the world so full of evil and terror, the "END IS DRAWING NIGH". This world and all its treasures will evently fall away, and then a great destruction and tribulation will fall upon man.

The bible says, "That a terrible judgement that has not happened since the world was created, and will not happen again, will fall upon this earth". Are you willing to gamble, your very soul, on the fact that there is no God? How will you face GOD?, and you will face God, that I can promise you. Will you stand before Him and say, "I thought you did not exist", and at that moment you will know that He does very much exist. I pray that when you do stand before GOD, that it will be a joyous reunion, and not a time for judgement. So if you are willing, say this pray, " Jesus I know I have sinned against you, will you except my humble spirit, and come into my heart and save me". That is all it takes, nothing else to give nothing else to offer, just your soul. It only takes a second, a second given for a eternal existance of peace and security, through the "LORD JESUS CHRIST".

May the Lord Jesus be with you and His ever present joy fill your heart. GOD BLESS.

Paul Bradly, minister for Jesus.


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