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Who Am I?

Who Are you?

Have you ever asked yourself the question 'Who am I?'

Have you ever asked that question and sat within the silence of your mind and listened for the answer? Waited a few moments and then asked again? ?again? ?again?

And then repeated the process again the next day? and the one after that? ?and the one after that?

Try it.

See what happens.

One of two things might happen.

1. You get an answer.
2. You don't.

The question does two things. It lets the Universe know that you are waking up. It diverts your energy from where it was being dissipated to a point of focus. Whenever you focus your energy, something happens; something changes.

I need to clarify my terminology, just so you can be clear about what I am communicating to you.

Universe: the Loving Energy that everything is a part of.
Waking Up: coming into the full awareness of who and what you are.
Energy: the essence that is everything; the substance that flows through you and which is transformed by your thoughts about both you and it.
Focus: that of which you maintain a clear unchanging view.

When you ask that question with sincerity, you will start a process that will transform your life. It may not do it quickly, but the very first time you ask that question your life will start to change direction, and every time you repeat that question, your life will move. Events will happen around you as a result of your question. You see, the moment you make a sincere request for information the Universe has no choice but to supply that information. So in the very act of asking that question your Universe starts to re-configure itself around you so that you will experience the answer to your question.

Note that I say experience the answer to your question, not get or be given the answer to your question.

One of the activities I engage in is hypnotherapy. So if you asked me what hypnosis is like, I could probably use a lot of words to describe what being hypnotised is like. And when I'd finished you'd have some ideas about it, but you still wouldn't know what it was actually like unless you came to me for treatment or listened to one of my Spiritual Hypnosis Cd's. And that's because knowledge is not even close to experience.

If you want to know how to make a beautiful piece of furniture do you ask a craftsman with a lifetime of experience at crafting wood, or do you seek out someone who has read and remembered the information in several good woodwork books?

There is a world of difference between knowledge and experience.

The Universe favours experience.

So when you ask that question, you may get an answer. You may get a slightly different answer each time you ask. But if you really want the answer you need to maintain that focus and keep on asking; because this allows you to experience who you are. If, say, your destiny is to be a Spiritual Teacher, and that is your prime purpose for being here right now, then if you ask that question at age 22, you might find quite a different response to asking that question at age 52.

At 22, in order to fulfil your destiny, you may need to experience certain aspects of life. You may need to experience religious indoctrination, and then at age 42 release yourself from that, because it isn't until age 42 that your life experiences have given you the knowledge, awareness, and confidence to know your own mind. You may need to experience the pleasures and pains of relationships, you may need to rear a family; you may even need to suffer in order to allow you to develop a compassion and empathy for those who were lost, like yourself. It may be that you need to travel the path without knowledge of who you truly are, because that is the only way you can ever be an authority on what you are about to teach. How can you be a Guide without an intimate awareness and experience of the pain of those who need your guidance? How can you be a craftsman without serving an apprenticeship?

The 'answers' you receive at age 22 will cause you to move into the optimum situations for you to arrive at your Destiny in the most efficient way. But in order for you to become who you truly are, it may be necessary for you to be something else for a while. Trust is a necessary requirement in sincerely seeking an answer.

So you see, what asking does is to allow those experiences that you need into your Life. What asking does is help you to avoid blind alleys. It gets you to where you need to be more directly. It brings more focussed experiences into your world. But most importantly it allows you to enjoy the Journey.

You see, once you start asking that question, you will start to have an experience of the role of coincidence in assisting you; you will start to have an experience of everything that happens to you being meaningful; you will realise that you are inviting into your life all of your experiences. When you make these realisations - and they just happen, you can't make them - one day you will just smile a huge smile when you see how magical and magnificent the Universe is. One day you will be overwhelmed as you suddenly see all the magical little steps that had to take place (some of them even happening before you asked that question) in order for all circumstances to be perfect at one moment in time - just because you asked 'Who Am I?'

Michael J. Hadfield MBSCH is a registered clinical hypnotherapist, and channel for Himal. You can experience his unique style on a popular range of CD's and tapes at http://www.hypnosisiseasy.com. Here you can also obtain spiritually-based treatment for a variety of problems and explore his approach to health, healing, and hypnosis.


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