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Psychotherapy and Spiritual Growth

The teacher of the future....

will be a master of integrating both of these pillars that normally operate independently of each other.

The poor ego gets a bad rap.

Historically, the psychotherapist has worked on helping an individual develop a healthy ego while the spiritual teacher assists in transcending the ego.

It is important to understand that ego is nothing more than a Latin word for "I" -- so the therapist is assisting the individual in developing a healthy identity that is absolutely necessary. Think about it...how can you transcend something you don't even


Your ego is way too small!

In reality the "ego" which defines us as separate and individual from the world around us is really way too small. You actually need to develop an identity that is congruent with the "Ego" or Higher Self of Infinite power and potential versus the finite small ego-self.

"You must go through madness to merge with Truth."

The madness referenced here is the madness of defining yourself by the small ego versus the big Ego, which is your true identity. But please understand that you cannot transcend something you have not yet fully developed.

The traditional therapist has very little ability, and sometimes even an aversion, to assisting an individual in moving beyond the ego or separate identity; and this metaphysical search has normally been solely within the realm of the spiritual teacher or guru.

Now the guru is no panacea either....

Conversely the typical guru or spiritual teacher has little to no ability to assist you in developing the ego/identity that is so necessary for healthy development. Imagine building a skyscraper with no foundation.

To fully understand this concept we must discuss all facets of evolution from the practical to the mystical.

"The descent into matter must be complete
before the ascent to spirit can commence."
-- Dion Fortune

In most traditional systems, there exists a hierarchy of development. While those can be discussed as any number of levels or stages, I prefer to discuss them as The Seven Stages of Spiritual Evolution (reference The Creating Wealth Experience).

Coupled with these seven stages, which we will call "vertical growth," there are also lines of development within each stage, which we will call "horizontal growth."

So for instance, let's assume that you are at stage "3" in your seven-stage potential. You have done the spiritual work to move you from stage "2" upward (vertical growth). However, within each stage you operate horizontally on four different lines or phases, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Spiritual work and experience tends to move you vertically while traditional psychotherapeutic work moves you horizontally.

In other words....

A major factor in moving you vertically is the ability to move into altered states of consciousness. You can have a full-on spiritual experience at any stage of development but your physical body and financial state of affairs may be a wreck. Likewise, you may have a full-on spiritual experience but your relationships really stink (technical term :o).

The weakest link

The phase within each stage that lags behind will hinder your ultimate growth. Therefore you must focus on height/depth and breadth. The weakest link in the chain will either haunt you or hinder you.

If in the aforementioned situation you have this full-on spiritual experience while you are still sick and broke, you could ask the typical spiritual teacher/guru for advice and most likely s/he would tell you to "observe it" or just to "meditate."

While this may work in the East....

...if you sit around and meditate in the West they will come and take your furniture away, you'll still be sick -- broke -- and on top of that, your friends and family will leave you!

Obviously the guru's advice gives very little immediate assistance with the physical challenge you are facing.

The Journey of Power is an integrated approach.

The integrated teacher may tell you that you need to change your diet, exercise, help you get a financial action plan, send you to relationship counseling, and assist you in releasing limiting beliefs and emotions that hinder you in all these areas.

And, oh by the way....

...I still encourage you to keep up with your meditative/magickal practice.

There are way too many individuals in the "New Age" arena that I lovingly call cosmic foo-foo's. These wanna-be spiritual adepts are way too quick to rub their crystals, talk with their groovy shaman, and move furniture around.... but tell them to get a job and go on a diet....and they want no part of that!

I remember reading of the spiritual teacher Adi Da (formally Bubba Free John) approaching his teacher for the first time in his early years and asking the way to enlightenment. His teacher quickly responded, "Lose twenty pounds and get a job; then come talk to me."

What does a job have to do with spiritual advancement anyway?

Well just about everything! Unless you are born independently wealthy you need a means of earning an income or you can never attain the heights of your potential.

Personal and spiritual growth is expensive!

I cannot tell you how many times I have received push-back from my students who are so called "spiritual aspirants" when coaching them to "get to work" in some area of their life that necessitates discipline and/or difficulty.

I recall one individual wanting to do more work in altered states of consciousness and I told her that what she really needed was a level of prowess in non-altered states first. This was evidenced clearly by the lack of tangible results in her life.

But I like the sexy stuff better.....

Her response to me was "but I like the fun stuff" -- exactly!

The question I have is.....

"What has to happen for the 'stuff' that moves you forward in your life power and accomplishment to be considered 'fun?'"

The Journey of Power (true power, not some watered-down escapism) is a journey that few are willing to make. The teacher of the future will be a teacher who embodies a strength, accomplishment, and comprehension at all levels of existence recognizing that "matter matters" every bit as much as spirit. This integrated teacher will provide assistance in developing your ego as well as your Ego. Using psychotherapeutic tools as well as mystical practices you will begin to descend and transcend. You will develop dominion of all realms!

After all....

if you weren't meant to experience physicality in all of its amazing splendor why the hell did you incarnate into form anyway?

James Arthur Ray
Practical Mystic

James Arthur Ray of James Ray International is an expert in teaching individuals how to achieve Harmonic Wealth? in all areas of their life by focusing on what they want, opposed to what they don't want. He has been speaking to individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years and is the author of four books and an inventor of numerous learning systems. His studies of highly successful people prove that they continually achieve results by taking control of their thoughts and actions to create and shape their own reality.

The Power to Win seminar (http://www.ThePowerToWin.com) will explain in detail how success is state of mind and how the principles of quantum physics (as seen in the movie What the Bleep) can be applied to proven success-building techniques. James will also cover why people who are successful in one area of their life tend to be successful in all areas. For more information, visit http://www.ThePowerToWin.com.


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