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Tarot Spreads: The Planetary Spread, for Insights into a Personality

The Planetary Spread is an excellent layout to use when you want insight into a personality.

You will lay out eleven cards in a circle, and read each card individually. Start with the first card in the center of the circle, then lay out the next eight in a circle starting with the NW position in a standard compass rose, and proceeding clockwise to N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, and W. Place the tenth card beside the first card, and the eleventh card crosswise on top of them both.

... 3 ... 2 4 ... 9 10 1 5 ... 8 /11 6 ... 7

  • The Sun. This is your ego card, showing how you view yourself.

  • Mercury. This card represents how you communicate.

  • Venus. This card represents what you love and value, and how you act toward what you love and value.

  • Earth. This card represents what you consider your possessions and treasures, and how you act toward your possessions and treasures.

  • Mars. This card represents what gives you your energy and drive.

  • Jupiter. This card respresents your luck and skill.

  • Saturn. This card represents how you deal with traditions.

  • Uranus. This card represents how you rebel against those traditions.

  • Neptune. This card represents your unconscious self.

  • The Moon. This card represents your dreams, hopes and fears.

  • Pluto. This card represents how you transform yourself.

    Jennifer Dunne is the author of over a dozen novels and novellas of Hot, Heartwarming fiction, many featuring magic and psychic powers. A Tarot reader since her childhood, she is frequently asked to do readings at local gatherings and celebrity events such as the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. Learn more about Jennifer at jenniferdunne.com. Learn more about tarot cards at Tarot Expressions.


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