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Why Angels, Why Now?

The Angelic realms have been very active throughout the human experience. They-as brilliant aspects of your Source-have been offered as protectors and teachers for every one of you. And yes, it can seem very difficult to know this when you see it, as we are talking about the Angelic Realms, the Dimensions of Light, both of which are not always visible to the human eye.

And yet-have you noticed the Angels around you? They seem to be everywhere! In pictures, in the architecture, on websites, on TV. They might walk beside you, too. How do you recognize them? How good will you feel when you begin to recognize the angelic qualities of others? Of yourself?

Sometimes all you need is for a Light to be turned on. Have you ever been in a room that's darker than dark? Hard to find your way, isn't it? In fact, it's hard to even move when you can't see. It makes you slow down and sometimes even paralyzes you. And then-a light comes on! It can be a spotlight, a flashbulb, or the tiniest of flames. And it transforms the darkness. And transforms YOU in the process. Because Now you can SEE.

Being human is like that too. Do you sometimes sense you're feeling your way? It's hard to move when you're not sure where you're going, or what's around you. Do you realize that you can change your life and the Light that you can share by opening to this Vision? You are part of Source Creation, just as the Angels are, and just as all beings are. You are here to be the Highest Light and to be Joy in that Light. You are meant to be happy. Think about this. You are meant to be happy. You are meant to love and be loved. Do you really know this? Is it part of your experience? It should be, and it's meant to be.

A Meditation to Connect with the Angelic Realms

See yourself breathing in the Peace of the Angelic Realms. Do this by relaxing your physical body, especially your back, your shoulders, your neck. Focus on each part of your body, and with intention, breathe Peace into these areas. Notice if there are any areas of stress or tension. Accept that you will release these feelings when you are ready. If you are not ready and wish to be, ASK! Ask to release every sensation, every energy pattern, every concern, which no longer serves you here in your expanded Self. Ask to connect with the Angelic Realms in the Highest and Purest Light. Ask for expansion, for Vision and Peace. Ask that you may learn what it is you need to know with ease, and in an accelerated fashion. You may ask all of these things, or no thing. You may simply ask to receive. And as you do, FEEL yourself joining with the Dimensions of Light as an equal, as a friend and beloved who is taking a rightful place in this experience. Open to this communion and feel yourself transformed by the blessings you receive. Immerse in the Joy of knowing that these energies are available to you at every moment, both in the meditation and in your daily living.

Why Angels? Why Now? The answer is offered to you.

Welcome home.

© JoAnne Scalise 2004

JoAnne Scalise specializes in making Spirit accessible-and REAL-through workshops, group, and individual connections developed in collaboration with Source. One of her most requested Services is a Mastery Meditation recorded on CD, which contains specific information for the person requesting as well as transformational healing and energy transmissions for the individual path to Mastery. JoAnne is currently working on several books and programs, including the Angels Of... meditation series. This series will also contribute to the development of the Angels Of... project, which is a series of products featuring various cities, with the goal of "conquering homelessness by connecting the Angels around us to the Angels among us". You are welcomed to http://www.CradleOfLight.com

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