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Let me say that marketing can be a corrupting experience. In the wrong hands, marketing can create more frustration, more dishonesty and more greed than any occupation.

As technology advances, more and more people are able to make serious money. The internet is a trump card to nearly any business but it also allows more crooks and uneducated individuals to take YOUR money. All these individuals want to do is make money no matter what it takes. If they have to lie to you or remain ambiguous, they will. They will play on your desires and emotions to gain your cash and then leave you high and dry once they do.

For the naive individual this can be a very sobering event but still a wasteful one. Making real money is only half the potential of marketing. In the right hands, marketing can create more passionate, powerful, confident, successful, influential, inspiring and caring leaders than any occupation.

A regular, ordinary man/woman who feels trapped by the social structure of their country can break free of the monotonous and unfulfilling chore they call a job. Are they working for themselves? NO.

Are they bettering themselves? NO. Are they bettering others? Considering the many fast food restaurants and mass slaughtering houses, NO. In fact, it is the reason why health and wellness is a huge industry. Twenty years ago only 10% of the food we were eating was processed. Now over 90% of food is processed!

Now the regular Joe can use marketing to open his own business and work for himself. They can work as hard or as little as they like and they constantly meet new situations. Despite all the automated internet marketing ops, the most successful people are those who better themselves personally.

One can gain power through the money they generate, confidence from succeeding on their own, influence through extensive social interaction, and a passion to share their success with others. One can use his/her experience to inspire others to live the dream life and to empower those willing to better themselves. Spiritual marketers can empathize with peoples emotions and desires and use them to push others to the limit, to get them finally started on a path they WANT to follow rather than to just con others for their money.

Marketing can be a humbling experience as well. Almost every marketer has come across a rude prospect in need of a rant. Rejection is just part of the game but once a person learns to deal with it, they can do what most people cannot; move on! Let go of the past and past failures.

It is no surprise how marketing can be one of the most liberating opportunities on earth. Even those who become successful financially will find that a fulfilling life cannot be bought! Self growth is vital to live a great life so don't waste the marketing opportunity by only focusing on the money! Be open and take the spiritual approach to unlock the true potential of marketing even if it requires you to face your fears. It's worth it! You can change peoples lives and inspire them rather than become a monotonous, irritating salesperson reading off a script. Lets recap some benefits of the spiritual marketer:

-Make money and feel good about it
-learn to release failure and move on
-gain the power to influence others
-use your confidence to inspire others
-change the world through your network connections
-become a leader who creates leaders
-be realistic but live the dream life
-overcome your weaknesses and fears
-work passionately for yourself and FIRE YOUR BOSS!
-enjoy variance and flexibility in your business and social interactions
-Be creative and enjoy what you create
-and be willing to wake up and get out into the world!

Spirituality is not some religious dogma or cult. It is what YOU MAKE IT and when you make it well others will want to too. Why spread the scammers mentality just to make a few bucks?

Spirit is contagious so spread the good kind with your marketing opportunity! Find a great team!

Copyright 2005 Mark McCormack

After taking the plunge into Direct Marketing, Mark McCormack is sharing what he has learned to watch for. He provides a legitament Direct Marketing Opportunity + E-course for Newbies and veterans at http://www.MM2prodigy.com; MM2_23@hotmail.com


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