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Terrorists Again - 14 Prayers to Protect Your Family

In the last 2 weeks or so, I have been posting some prayers to deal with specific issues that my readers have mentioned to me.

You find prayers to help you attract whatever it is you want more of in your life.

Maybe it's:

* More money - to meet your needs and more

* A new car - go where you want to go, safely and in the style you prefer

* Security - the confidence that everything is taken care of

* A new house - one that fits you and your desires not just one that will "do"

* A new job or better job - doing work that is fulfilling

* Your own business - having control of your financial future

* A comfortable retirement - the reward that you've worked for and deserve

* Eliminate money worries - let success start coming to you and your ideas

* Healing in relationships - bring back the harmony and love

* Recovering from failure - personal or business

The list is endless. I could go on and on...

It doesn't matter what it is because it's totally dependent on you and the prayers you pray!

There's more..

The prayers address such questions as --

* How can you get a dream job quickly?

* How can you pray your way out of debt?

* How can you pray and attract a God fearing spouse?

* How can you pray and keep your spouse?

* How can you get happy customers to buy your products?

* How can you create prayer that draws answers magnetically?

* How can you tell if the place you live is driving away your blessings?

* What is golden key prayer and why is it so effective?

* How can you make yourself attractive to blessings?

Divine Protection Secrets

Let me end this piece by sharing an email I received from one of my readers on June 29th (the week before the terrorist bombings in London.

Her daughter was traveling to London on tour with her basketball team and she wanted to know how to pray and keep her out of harm's way.

A couple of days after (while the daughter was still in London) we all woke up to watch the latest terrorist attack on the subways and buses in London.

To read the next email I got from her, see:


Go there now and read it... if you are at all interested in divine protection. For yourself and your loved ones!

Be blessed!

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