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Pray Off Your Debts in 10 Days or Less - A Short Case Study

Last Friday night, I met a Christian at a prayer meeting. He was rescued from war-torn Sudan and brought to the U.S. three years ago. He clearly loves to pray. He gushed facts.

For example:

I didn't know that George Washington, the first president of the United States used to pray for two hours every day - one hour in the morning at 4:00 a.m. and one hour at 9:00 p.m before retiring to bed.

Or, that Christopher Columbus (who discovered America in 1492) was so filled with the Spirit of God that he wrote in his memoirs that he literally felt the Holy Spirit on his shoulder directing him throughout his journey to the New World.

And get this: I also did not know that in the book of Genesis, when they brought Rebecca, the wife of Isaac, the very first thing she saw him doing was praying.

"Most people just don't know how to pray," he explained. "Since prayer is a spiritual weapon, it needs to be aimed at a specific target and fired, like a gun repeatedly, until you see the results."

He went on to add:

"Christians who have learned that prayer is more than just communication with God are powerful folks.

They've learnt to make decrees when they are praying.

They've learnt to bind and to loose during prayer.

They've even learnt to speak to spiritual mountains such as debt,sickness, and poverty... and caused them to disappear,just like the bible said we would. All during prayer."

Since I am into that dimension of praying and have been teaching people how to pray their way out of debt, I was eager to hear all this. I was so taken by what he had to say that I spent the next two hours after the prayer meeting listening to his story.

Here's the really fascinating part...

"You've probably seen people who through unfortunate circumstances in their homelands were brought here as refugees," he said. "Would you believe I am one of them?" he asked me.

"Certainly not," I said. He looked to me more like a successful physician than the image of poverty and wretchedness we all see on tv.

"I didn't think you would" he told me. "But less than three years ago, when I was rescued from a burning village in the Sudan and airlifted to safety and freedom here, I looked exactly like what you see on tv!"

I stared at him in disbelief. After a long silence, I finally asked, "then what happened?"

"The fact that I'm still alive today is a testimony that God still performs miracles, but I wont go into that here. Instead I'll tell you how I used only one strategy in the bible to get from a non-starter and struggling refugee to the point where I now live in my own home (worth over $200,000), drive a new car, and on track to making an income of close to $100,000 this year - all in less than three years."

At this point someone came out and joined us.

He paused, then continued:

"As soon as I set foot on this land, I decided to start a midnight watch. You see, I'm no physician, engineer, lawyer, or some high flying professional. I had no college education. I hated marketing. I knew that I needed divine intervention in order to rise above the level I found myself. And midnight prayer seemed to be the only ticket I had."

"Where did you learn that concept?" I asked.

"It's right there in the bible," he answered quietly. "David used it. Jesus used it. Paul used it.

When I first arrived here I joined the prayer group in my local church. It turned out they were not familiar with the concept.

I really searched around and discovered only a few Christians knew the secret of the midnight watch. Then a Christian brother who read one of your books told me you've been encouraging people to program their prayers into the midnight hour.

I came here because I've been using concepts similar to what you teach and they've worked for me."

He went on:

"In the bible when John's disciples asked Jesus who he was, the burden of proof was on him (Jesus) to provide the answer. Jesus did not answer John's question with mere words; he authenticated his messianic claim by his actions - which was in fulfilment of the well-known prophecy in Isaiah concerning the Messiah.

Today, the burden of proof is on every believer... to authenticate ourselves to the world around us.

If you say God is the Great Provider, prove it...

If you say He is the healer, you better be ready to prove it... otherwise no one will take you seriously.

Right now, by the grace of God, I can humbly but boldly tell you it is possible to pray and get into your own home, or get a new car, or job, or business, or godly spouse... whatever you desire, provided it is in line with the will of God.

Because I am living PROOF!"

"I wish more Christians could say that," I began...

"I have just started praying about a project I've had in mind a long time," he continued. "I need finances to go back and build a children's hospital in my native country.

I saw some prayer points you posted on your website a while ago and the very first week I started praying them, I received an unusual invitation to participate in a business venture... that could potentially generate millions of dollars in the next few years."

"I am here to sharpen my prayer sword so I can pray this thing into physical manifestation," he concluded.

The prayer points he talked about form part of this 2nd instalment of praying to get out of debt.

If you are able to program the prayers into the midnight hour, it will help you to:

* discover yourself and your divine purpose

* gain spiritual momentum, if you find yourself in one spot year after year

* get out of debt and begin the journey on the road to financial stability

* achieve financial success

* move from success to significance

Go here now for the prayers:


Remember, life can be pretty chaotic until you learn to organize it with prayer.

The Lord will strengthen you in Jesus' name.

Be blessed!

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