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The Subconscious Mind: A Tool For Success

As a Coach and Psychotherapist I have found that the world seems to have lost its way in terms of values. Most individuals are looking for more meaning in their lives, as are businesses looking to capture the spirit of what they do. I found the movie " What The Bleep Do We Know?" refreshingly inspiring and in many ways descriptive of my view of the world. Quantum theory and the profound effects it has on the way we view the world, our world, and therefore the way we create it is an amazing way of saying, "hey you are accountable and you got to where you are because you created it!"

The spirit of business and our paths in life, I often find are the areas in which we are already working and playing. We attract that which we believe in and subsequently ask how we got there in the first place.

Visualizations, projections, beliefs and intentions raise an important point for me. Why has it taken us so long to realize that we only have to look at what we believe and what we project in order to see where we are? These tools are so powerful and can, with practice, teach us to create our universe the way we want it to be. We can increase our businesses; have more clients or more contracts. It is empowering to be reminded that we do have the power to create and choose, as we always have. If we have lost our way, indeed we need a reminder and sometimes a guide through this process.

In my practice, I like to remind my clients of how much they truly can accomplish if only they are to put all these tools, and their unique qualities to use. I am challenged and inspired to work from this spiritual perspective to gain more knowledge about the human mind and its capabilities.

To blossom for many of us is to bring the spiritual back into the realm of the everyday. For some it is simply to maintain an existence and hope that spirituality lands in your lap.

I have learnt, and like many others continue to learn. One thing I take away from this movie is this: spirituality cannot be taught, it must be sought!

Continue to feed your mind information on success and positivity, for that is what the subconscious sees that makes your reality a mirror image of this successful thinking.

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Muneeza Khimji is a Coach and a Psychotherapist. She lives in Toronto, and currently has a practice that serves both clients interested in coaching and therapy. She works with emotional issues and traumas as well as coaches around career transitions, workplace issues, team coaching and life coaching to name a few areas.

For more information on Muneeza please visit http://www.muneeza.com or send her an e-mail on coach@muneeza.com


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