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The Many Waters, Lauretta Lueck

The Many Waters explores the universe and sifts through the ancient sands to find the truth about our creation. Careful examination of writings like The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Sacred Books of The Jews, Pistis Sophia, and the King James Version of the Bible, with special emphasis on The Book of Genesis, reveals what once was thought fantasy and myth may actually be truth. The author approaches these ancient texts from a scientific angle to bring together two opposing ideas, science and God.

The first chapter, Alpha & Omega, introduces the reader to "the beginning" and asks the question: "Who and what is God?" It helps us understand that God is energy, and has never been and or ever will be seen physically. The author draws a map of the "heaven? thrones? dominions ? principalities ?powers" and are as real as the universe. So, who did the patriarchs of those ancient times see, hear, and speak to? They spoke to the LORD from "the heavens".

The Old Testament of the Bible and other books not included in the canon contain the key to translating the truth of our beginning. Lueck points out that there is clearly a distinct significance in the Old Testament's usage of uppercase, lowercase, repetition, and of key words like Gods, gods, LORDS, Lords, and lords. By defining each key word and comparing its use in these ancient texts, the author has discovered a similar rhythm. This chapter covers much content; thought, mind, beginning, create, make, heavens, and heaven. But Chapter One is just a prelude to the discoveries that are found in connection to the creation story.

Six Days takes us from the beginning into the following days of creation, and in this chapter the author reveals how "The Big Bang" is actually described in the Bible, and that those six days were not one of our twenty-four days, but "the years of the light". "Jesus answered: 'A day of the light is a thousand years in the world, so that thirty-six myriads of years and a half myriad of years of the world are a single year of the light."

The Sabbath tells us that God is at rest and it is still the seventh day. Lueck defines what was meant to be the seventh day of rest, and what is the day of rest, as we know it today.

Chapter Four, The LORD God, differentiates for the reader, God, and the LORD God, and a thorough explanation of the words, "created" and "made" as they are presented in ancient texts is given here to enable the reader to understand the difference in their meaning.

Chapters Five, Six and Seven, brings to light the creation of man. The LORDS from the heavens, under the spiritual guidance of the LORD God in Heaven, came to this primitive world, and with the technology and knowledge of genetics, engineered and manipulated the process of hominid evolution. As described in the Bible, the creation of man was truly a remarkable science. The author also tells us how Genesis describes the cloning of woman from a man's rib. Though we are not yet able to clone a female from a male, does not mean it is impossible, countries are presently debating the implementation and ethics of genetic engineering.

Chapter Eight, Paradise Lost, delves into the psychological and spiritual reasons for the loss of innocence. A definition of evil, the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil are discussed, leaving us with an understanding of the power of human thought and it's direct effect on our existence on this planet.

Giants and Men of Renown, recounts the Genesis story of Cain and Abel and reminds us that it contains a powerful message for all humankind. A Jewish myth tells us that the "book of the generations" was brought down from the heavens and given to Adam by the angel Raziel. The author hypothesizes that this book of ethics was passed from planet to planet among the many waters, when each was ready to receive it, teaching the sons of men how to read and write, and the knowledge of good and evil.

The story of Noah and the Ark is examined in Shem, Ham and Japeth.

Carefully read, the Bible reveals that there was no flood over the entire planet, but an earthquake. "?were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened."

The "great deep" here is the depth of the ocean, and the ocean floor was broken up which caused the waters (fountains) to rise into huge tidal waves, known today as tsunami waves.

A lost writing of the ancient Hebrews, The Book of Jasher was re-discovered after many centuries, and intentionally excluded from the books of the King James Bible. Jasher was chosen by Moses to be his constant companion and caretaker of his rod. This beautiful scroll tells a sharply contrasting story from that of Moses. Only the words of those that spoke and wrote as "they were moved by the Holy Ghost" were chosen to be included in the Word of God by those who compiled the Bible. And Jasher did not write as one who was inspired or as one who wrote, "?what the Lord commanded of him."

The author warns us, "What follows in this chapter will upset and disturb some people, but truth can sometimes have that effect."

And what better way to bring the book to a close, than with The Breath of God. This chapter summarizes the creation with notes on living today. The most frightening book of the Bible, The Revelation is discussed, and simply and eloquently the author clarifies The Age of Aquarius, The Age of Sorrows, and The End of Time. The Bible is our code of ethics for proper living, and not a book of religion. The Bible, from the beginning, was to teach us how to be sons of God and not just "sons of men". She reminds us, there are no laws or rituals that must be adhered to from a church, temple or synagogue. Communion with God is private and personal, and to be born again is simply a new beginning.

Cindy DeJager is a writer for Rosetta Stone Press,publisher of The Many Waters, by Lauretta Lueck. You can buy her book on her website at http://www.rosettastonepress.com or visit Amazon!


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