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I Am Not An Island or What Does God Have to Do With Animals?

"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all." 2 Corinthians 13:14, NIV

To all of you who helped me with a flamer this week, thank you! Not on this blog but on my natural pet care blog. This guy was angry that I had posted a Christian article (one of my Sunday Reflections articles) on a pet blog. A blog I pay for and share natural pet care on. He thought it was his right to not have Christianity shoved down his throat (lol) on a pet blog or website or any place he shops online or off or anywhere in the world outside of church. He also asked what does God have to do with pets, but not so nicely, LOL! Uh, God CREATED them! Interesting, because he had the choice to walk away and NOT read. I didn't force him to read the article, he chose to read it. Christians, if we live out our lives as Christians, that becomes a part of all we are, do and say. There is no separation from our personal lives into our business lives into our social lives or whatever. We are Christians and I got a taste of Christians banding together in unity as a team this week. In fact, I'll name the team at the end of this article. Oh and this article is going on the pet blog soon too!

From last Friday through this one, I've gotten one attack after another. A good friend told me that the devil ramps up his efforts the closer we get to the goal. What is really sad, is all the people who attacked me were being used of satan and probably or most likely without their knowledge. Not too sure about the flamer, because he mentioned something about satan so he probably does know he's being used by him. He'd deny that though and go on a rant about how innate and stupid we Christians are.

This past week God really showed me how I am not an island. I cannot go it alone and hope to prevail. In fact, I can only go fully on the power of the Holy Spirit. I also read a quote that says Christians aren't Christians alone but only as a body. It would be like trying to be only a foot and nothing else. That seems funny but it's true. I also learned so much from how each Christian soldier said what they had to say. Each one had a different way and a different presentation and together, we addressed each comment by the flamer. He did not see it our way and proceeded to slander every single person who commented. He really has little command of the English language because he liked using lots of curse words and belittling and put downs and "shut your mouths". Very sad but he really needs prayer and that is one thing no one can stop us from doing: praying.

God's plan is indeed working as one supporter told me. God is also so good to show us how He is indeed in control and working to help us and reach out to those who aren't saved.

The name of the article that so got this flamer going was "Not Upon My Convictions but Upon the Blood of Jesus". Jesus always seems to offend, doesn't He? I deleted this guy's last posts and banned him because He was even attacking Jesus saying He isn't special, He was just another carpenter in the midst of loads of carpenters in His day and an inept one, yadda yadda. He'll get the opportunity to tell Jesus that to His face one day unless he changes and turns to the only One who can save him, Jesus.

It's funny to me how while Jesus may have been only one in a miriad of carpenters in His day, He is the only one Who's name I know from that era, how about you? Why is it that over 2000 years (calendars are just semantics) now and Jesus can still stir up such controversy? Well, I did learn a lot this past week and mostly how we're a body of believers, united in Christ Jesus and that so rocks! Oh and just for those who don't know, my dog Shadrach is named after the guy in the Bible, NOT the rock band which the flamer said according to him, was how I got my dog's name. Funny, I've had my dog for 6 years now, LOL! Oh and one more thing, we're to keep our Christianity in church where we can all babble amongst ourselves but not out in the world, ROFLOL! Go into all the world brethren. What does God have to do with the animals? Without Him creating them, they wouldn't exist. The flamer said that animals in other parts of the world were evolved or something since they don't know about Jesus there or some such nonsense. Believe it or not, like it or not God IS and He created ALL things, and He IS the point of it all.

God bless you all and have a Son shining day! Here is the list of brethren who leaped into the fire with me or sent words of encouragement:

Nani, Dee Kreidel -Faithminders.com, John, Dr. GW Graham -themoldlab.com, Kevin -TechnoGypsy, Douglas, William, Bob -CrosSwords, Bobbette Madonna (her real name)http://logonnewzine.com, Becky, Kim, Wayne

The link for the firestorm is Not Upon My Convictions but Upon the Blood of Jesus

About the Author:

Kim Bloomer is a natural pet care educator helping pet owners learn to care for their pets through natural, holistic means.Disease prevention is her goal to help pet owners lower their pet care costs and extend the lives of their pets. Visit her website Aspenbloom Pet Care and her dog's blogs barkin' about natural pet care from a canine perspective Bark 'N' Blog and A Dog's View.

Look for Kim's dog Shadrach's new line of beautiful, hand-tooled leather gear and journals for the Big Dog coming in August. Our joint venture partner for this is Dee Kreidel of Faithminders.com

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