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Art of Living - Finding It's a Wonderful Life

In Corrogue I am finding it's a wonderful life.

Let me share with you how this happens. Apply the seven principles listed below and each day you too will come to enjoy more and more. Learn the real "Art of Living." Then you can really begin to enjoy this extraordinary gift we call "life." I use the term "Love Is Flowing Eternally," to remind me of the essence of our life's experience. This helps to remind me that we are all loved unconditionally.

Lets begin with these seven steps to fulfilment.

I have given each step a one-word title beginning with the letter P. This is to aid your memory. All these steps are important. Think of yourself going on a journey. This is a journey were you get to spiral upward. This spiralling upward takes you into greater and greater experiences of gladness and joy.


Learn the real Art of Living and come to know your purpose. More than this come "to be" your purpose. Where the needs of the world and your talents meet there lies your purpose. Make it a priority to celebrate whatever talent or talents you have. Concentrate on your strengths. You are a co-creator of this universe. Dream huge and allow your imagination free flow. Do not hide your light under a bushel. You are magnificent beyond your present thinking. Go out of your head a little. Come to your senses. Enter your heart. Learn from your "inner telling sense" the direction that will make your life worthwhile.


The Art of Living requires passion for life. Passion is where your heart lies. It takes tremendous courage to allow the promptings of your heart. This is the meaning of the word "encourage." It means to move into your heart. Your hearts desires have been made subservient to the wants of others. You have been filled up via an education process that was meant to help you unfold. Its purpose was to flower your beauty and creativity. You are encouraged to be more concerned about your pension than your passion. As one of my favourite poets Rumi advises, "risk all for love." This risking our love is scary but we lose much of our life by refusing to take a flying leap. Come to the edge. Sometimes life will give you a push. Then you will find you can fly.


Presence is a major key in practicing the Art of Living. Presence is one of the most essential ways to have a full and rewarding life. Remember to be present to your moment-to-moment experience. Discover your real relationship to time. Remember that the only time you have is NOW. This is the only time you can ever be present to wonder. Create more time for the people and actions that you love. Take time to discover the beauty of your essential self. Learn to know you are "forever enough."

Each morning I see the beauty of life in the West of Ireland. This beauty is not just here but everywhere. Learn to look and gift yourself the present of a heart free of anxiety and longing. Learn to come home to your heart. Learn about your essence. Discover how to come home to what we call in Ireland "the homeplace."


The Art of Living requires patience. When there are times of uncertainty, when there are times of doubt remember, "This too will pass." This phrase is too often seen in negative ways. Learn the wisdom of insecurity. Learn how to be with the flow of Love Is Flowing Eternally. This is important for a purpose filled; passion filled ever-present way of being in this world. This requires patience and more patience. It develops the facility of trust. You get to trust in your "inner telling sense." You come to know the answers for you. You come to insight and to knowing. In this way you get to pick up little pieces of heaven that are left lying all around for your delight.


Learn the Art of Living by approaching each day as the blessing it is. Learn to gently allow all you need to enter your life. Introduce yourself to the power of creative ritual. This helps enrich your life. Discover the joy of discipline rather than feeling it is a prison. Then you will walk a path that takes you higher and higher into feeling good about yourself.


Learn the Art of Living through the experience of gratitude. This is by adopting the practice of thankfulness. Learn the Art of Living in how to be present to delight and joy rather than absent from life experience. In doing this you will feel prosperous in a way you have forgotten. Your heart will feel glad. Out of this gladness will flow untold gifts. You become someone with the ability to attract what you desire. You become the attractive being you always are.


This goes beyond positive thinking. Learn the Art of Living by risking the adventure into the feeling states of joy and gladness. Positive thinking is one step forward but then learn to lose your head. Return to your senses. Learn to become sensational. Honour the gift of this body that you are given to delight in. Return to your feeling self without labels and judgements. Learning the Art of Living means stepping outside the prison of "forever wanting" and never "feeling good enough."

My greatest blessing will be when you realise how blessed you truly are. In this way I receive your blessing when you come to the realisation that you are "forever enough." As an Anam Cara I know you are always forever enough. Anam Cara means Soul Friend. The word is a Celtic word. It translates as "Anam" meaning "Soul" and "Cara" meaning "Friend." An Anam Cara takes you to where you make friends with your soul.

Blessings upon you and all those you love and do not love.

Tony Cuckson is an Anam Cara. This Celtic term means "Soul Friend." He specializes in providing insight for the spiritual journey, Irish Blessings, words of wisdom and finding inner peace. Visitors to Irish Blessings Matter website and Tony's Blog get the opportunity to develop a purpose driven life through articles, newsletters and other programs. Get your free report called "7 ways to it's a wonderful life" at http://www.irishblessingsmatter.com or visit Tony's Blog at http://www.irishblessingsmatter.info for the best resources on spiritual growth, spiritual cinema, spiritual parenting, spiritual coaching and spirit in business.


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