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5 Steps to Passing Life Exams

An exam is a test that is given at the end of a class to assess what knowledge was obtained by the student during the duration of the class. Depending on whether or not adequate knowledge was gained the student will pass or fail the test. If the student passes the test he moves on to the next level. If he fails, he must take the class and the exam again, yet he still has the opportunity to pass!

I was recently reminded and enlightened to the idea that life too has exams. Because we live in an intelligent universe created by an intelligent God, there are no accidents or coincidences. Everything that happens has been divinely orchestrated by God for our good. However, because of man's blurred perception, because of ego, we cannot see the plan of God in the light of being a benefit. Even the translation of the word coincidence has been blurred. A coincidence is a mathematical term that means to coincide; to angles that come together perfectly. So in our life coincidences are nothing short of miracles planned and placed in our life by God to complete and bring perfection to a given purpose. Have you ever noticed that 99% of coincidences presents us with a favorable outcome? Can you say miracle?

Now I want to give you 5 steps to help you pass life's exam.

Step 1: Let go and let God.

I know this first step may not be as clear, as we would like it to be considering all the things that happen in our lives. However, everything in life has a reason and a cause. In understanding that everything has a reason and a cause, even if we may not understand, it calls for us to learn to let go and let God. By letting go we allow the divine intelligence and the universal purpose of God to be played out in our lives without our interference.

God in Jeremiah 29:11 of the Holy Scriptures of the Message Bible translation says,

"I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out--plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for."

The understanding, plans, & ways of God are not like our understanding. By letting go & trusting God, we also let go of ego's desire to play God. Ego always has a plan of how it could do things better if it was God. God does not need our help, we must trust and know all things are working for our good.

Step 2: Detach from feelings and outcomes.

One of the main reasons we fail many of life's exams is because we are too emotionally attached to our situation to hear God. Uncontrolled emotions will always be a hindrance to us connecting to source (God). By detaching from the outcome, we are able to view our situation from the viewpoint of a bystander.

As much as we hate to admit it, others always see our situations better than we do. Why? Because they do not have a direct emotional attachment to our situation. This leads me to step 3.

Step 3: Always listen to wise voices

I read in another eziner written by Diane Diresta, that in China a wise person is called a Sheng jen, which is translated a "one who listens." If you really want to pass life's exams, you have to be open and humble enough to listen to wise voices even when you do not like what you are hearing. Who would not listen to a (Sheng jen) person who is caring enough to listen to you?

Isn't it amazing how people that we would normally seek advice from do not sound so pleasant when they are giving advice about situations we are emotionally attached to? Wisdom is still wisdom even when you do not want to hear it. God will always send wise voices, but we have to be willing to hear.

Ego wants to try to fix life's problems. The issue that I have with this is the fact that ego is the cause of most problems. In Proverbs of the Holy Scriptures, it says that we should not lean to our own (ego-influenced) understanding, but should trust the Lord with all our heart. Ego sees advice as an infringement on its right to be right. This pride driven ego always makes situations worst than what they have to be.

Step 4: Ask yourself what did you experience that you do not want to experience again.

To do this you have to be very honest with yourself about your feelings. This is not possible until you have first accomplished step 3, detaching from your feelings and outcomes.

To learn the lesson being taught so you can pass the exam you have to ask yourself some questions:

>How did it make you feel?

>Were there warning signs that you ignored?

>In what way did you handle the situation that was not appropriate?

>What should you have done differently?

>How can you prevent yourself from getting in this situation again?

>What people did you not listen to that you should have?

Step 5: The information we learn is neither good nor bad.

When events happen the information is received through our sensory perception organs: eyes, ears, nose, and touch. In all reality, the information is neither good nor bad. We translate the information according to events of our past. When we do this, we then create what is called an internal representation that we count as the reality of what happen. This in turn triggers our learned responses that label the event good or bad.

If God is truly in control of all things and all things are working for our good, what is good or bad? It is all-purpose, timing and destiny. We have to remove the labels that we use to classify events, people, and things because it affects our response. When we stop labeling situations we stop learned responses and allow God's plan to go forth.

I hope to see you on graduation day!

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Bishop Wilson is the presiding prelate and founder of Unity Fellowship Alliance Int. The Unity Fellowship Alliance International will serve as a place of Fellowship, Training,for not only Christians, but leaders around the world.

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