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Not a Failure!

Those of you who are unemployed, or desire a career change, or perhaps, like me, want to expand the work you already have, may notice things are not happening as fast as you had hoped. Take heart! You are not a failure and there is nothing wrong with you!

Recently I listened to a woman harshly chastising herself; "I've been avoiding doing what is necessary to get my new career going - I haven't written cover letters, made the necessary contacts, and have even sabotaged myself by stopping my daily runs. I sabotage myself by reading and sewing rather than doing what needs to be done!"

Sensing the pressure this woman felt from that militant voice, empathy stirred my heart. Well, I know the pressure of trying to accomplish anything with that hard, judging energy pushing me along. As I gently asked this woman if she felt pressured listening to these critical demands; her eyes welled and a sob caught in her throat.

Our self-help, goal-oriented, hard-driven society filled with so-called steps-to-success applauds this constant self-analysis and pushing to succeed. If we are avoiding doing something perhaps, we really don't want to do it or it is not the right time. Perhaps, this woman quit her daily runs because they were excessive and more balance was needed in her life. And in this instance, I know the so-called avoidance behavior of reading and sewing is a very soulful pastime for this woman.

Finding the Way

We are so quick to be angry with ourselves if we are not constantly striving toward success and overcoming our blocks and fears. When we believe this harsh energy is the way, we have lost our Way. Stop and listen. Where do these callous comments emanate from? the head or the heart?

Clearly, the head is in control. If you are feeling pressured 'to do' by your own harsh thoughts, recognize them as just thoughts and let them go. God, your Higher Power, true Self, The Way, call it as you will, does not speak to us through judging, driving thoughts.

God is the small still voice of your heart. Let this gentle, loving energy be your guide rather than the harsh, driven energy of "self-will run riot" as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous.

When I let go and refuse to act upon harsh energy bullying me then, later, unexpected urges of inspiration well up and I simply act upon them. What needs to be done, gets done, and I have a sense of flowing with things rather than feeling pressured and jammed.

"Don't try to force anything. Let life be a deep let-go. See God opening millions of flowers everyday without forcing buds."

- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Stop Pushing. Let God Lead.

To hear our quiet voice of God, or whispers of intuition, we must be still. Anytime is a good time to sit and be still. I make a point of sitting when my harsh internal voices begin telling me I have to hurry-up and write that e-book, design the new workshop, make more money? (fill in your own particular fears here).

I know if I try to work from that harsh place the work will be very hard and more importantly, I will be out of integrity with my God. The message is clear: Stop pushing. Let God lead.

Will you give yourself the gift each day to just sit and breathe and listen? Sit in a comfortable chair with good back support, feet flat upon the floor, sitting with dignity. Dignity will aid proper body positioning and create wakefulness within.

Lightly follow your breathing in, and breathing out. Then, literally, listen. This act of listening is a doorway to the meditative state or to your God. As you listen, then turn your listening inwards. Feel the expansive calm.

In this still place, in prayer, ask for help and listen more. To live a life of integrity we must turn to our God within for our direction and inspiration. We simply need to be willing and to let God know: Thy will be done - not mine!

Teresa Proudlove is the publisher/editor of http://www.yourlifework.com: support and inspiration for your work and life. Teresa has been inspiring, supporting, and mentoring over 3000 people upon their lifework path for fourteen years, leading workshops and authoring many internationally published articles.


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