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How Big is God?

WOW ... what a question. But today, while I was walking on the treadmill, it popped into my head. Trying to forget the two mile mark I'm heading toward, I sometimes find myself thinking up 'really deep' subjects. Other times, I'm probably checking the calories burned imagining what I can have for lunch! But ... back to God.

Today, I began asking myself ... "Do I really believe He is in control of everything?" That's big. If I sound like a new Christian, please let me assure you I'm not. That's why this thought was even more disturbing to me. Why was I questioning God's size?

I had to confess that lately I wasn't turning over all of the aspects of my life to Him. Not everything. I was holding back on the ones that I wanted to be absolutely, 100% sure would be done -- quickly and in my time frame. It's amazing how truth sneaks up on you, isn't it? Forcing it's way into the tiniest opening in your mind. Before you can slam it shut! Oopps! There is it .... staring you in the face.

Sound familiar? Okay, so it's true. I wasn't trusting Him with everything. I began to see parts of my life that I was keeping to myself. I told myself it isn't that I don't believe God will take care these things - but He's so busy with the war, terrorism and well, just look at the world! Talk about a mess. And then, what if I did turn it over and ... it wasn't on the top of His list. I needed to have this particular thing moving! Now! It is so much easier to just take care of it myself. Or, at least, I thought it was ... before the chaos of my own blunders hit me in the face. Just couldn't wait for His timing, which is, as I have always discovered, perfect.

As, I broke a sweat at about a mile and a half ... I stopped talking and started listening. God was asking me, "If you don't let me take care of the small things, how will you trust in me to take care of the big things?" I searched for an answer, but had none! For,I had to admit, it is turning over the small things and allowing Him to do His best for me that builds the faith to trust Him in the midst of the Really Big Things. Simplistic, but true.

Think of the small things as bricks ... each time we turn over something in our life, it adds another brick to our wall of faith. How big is your faith? How big is God? We'll never know if we don't trust Him today. For tomorrow we may face something so huge we have no choice but to turn it over to God. Don't we want that peace, knowing that we can trust Him, no matter what? I know I do. Then we must start laying that foundation of faith - one brick at at time.

OOppps! 2 1/2 miles .... now how did that happen?

Matthew 21:22
"And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing you will receive."

Misty Taggart - Screenwriter, Author, Speaker and founder of the ORDINARY WOMAN/EXTRAORDINARY GOD tm website. Her writings include television, film, novels and many IMAGINED BY MISTY pages on her inspirational, Christian website.


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