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Moksha - Salvation Hinduism... Highlights Concept and the Path

Is it not true that only after gaining Enlightenment (Self-Realization) that one can reach the stage of Moksha (Salvation).

Moksha is that ephemeral truth of life without which human beings cannot sustain themselves. The cause of the human body... the process of evolution... all leads to our Soul (Atman) gaining liberation from the cycle of birth and death (Moksha) forever.

Moksha being the ultimate truth of life... none can just do without! In the present life we may or may not pursue Moksha as the ultimate goal of all life... inherently and spiritually our Soul (Atman) is bound to pursue this one and only goal in the life of every Soul (Atman) in the Cosmos.

If gaining liberation from the cycle of birth and death (i.e. achieving the stage of Moksha) is the only goal of every Soul (our Atman within)... and knowing the fact that our body is but clothing for our Soul (Atman)... our Soul (Atman)... plays the governing role! Whatever be our present goal in life... the ultimate goal of our cosmic life remains the same, gaining Moksha! (Salvation).

Attaining the state of Moksha (Salvation) is reaching the Mount Everest of physical manifested life. There is nothing beyond Moksha that is required to be achieved in this life. Moksha is that stage in the life of a human being when one cuts across all the shackles of the senses and the mind. Unless we gain absolute control over the five senses and the mind... we cannot achieve Moksha in this life.

Gaining absolute control over the senses and the mind is a complex process. One has to diligently take control of all the senses one by one and the moment we are able to establish absolute control over all the five senses... controlling mind is easy to achieve! Our five senses help us live the physical manifested form of us. They have got nothing to do with our true inner self... our Soul (atman within us)

What is the correct process that we can gain absolute control over the five senses and ultimately the mind for us to achieve the stage of Moksha? For cutting across the various barriers of senses... we need to maintain more and more purity in our day-to-day dealings. The more pure our thought process... the sooner shall we be able to gain control over the senses.

As practiced in Jainism... it is the concept of Bhava Karma which plays the governing role. Before committing any physical action... we must have thought over it. If we are awarded -10 points for committing a grave sin like murder then we also get negative marking for negative thoughts incurred by us before committing the murder. Does this mean that committing a sin only in thoughts attracts negative marking... yes! Even by thinking wrong of others... we are incurring a sin and this result in our getting established on a lower pedestal on the spiritual plane.

For attaining Moksha... if we need to establish control over the five senses then it becomes mandatory for us to follow the concept of Bhava Karma and desist from even thinking wrong of others. This is the only process for maintaining absolute purity of thought. The concept of Bhava Karma in Jainism has no parallel in the History of Mankind. It is only traveling on the path of Bhava Karma that Saints and Sages were able to control anger and purify their thinking patterns.

As we gain more and more purity of thoughts on the path of attaining the stage of Moksha... we shall find that gaining absolute control over mind is within our reach. Gaining control over the five senses is the most difficult part in the life of a human being on the path to attaining Moksha. But it is a goal not unachievable! Patience and persistence both play a vital role in establishing firm control over the five senses. We have to practice Patience and Persistence at each and every stage lest we may not be able to gain Moksha in this life.

Establishing control over anger is only possible after we have developed a habit of forgiving one and all... whatever be the cause or the reasoning! Forgiving one is a one-sided affair. Compassion is required to be practiced at every stage of the physical manifested life. Without Compassion and the Power of Forgiveness... none can reach any worthwhile stage on the path of Spirituality. Every true Saint or a Sage has developed the power of Forgiveness to its extreme for it is only after controlling anger that one can reach the stage of Moksha in this life.

Broadly speaking... to attain the stage of Moksha... we need to gain Kaivalya Jnana (Omniscience) and this is possible only after establishing absolute control over the Senses and the Mind. The moment one gains control over the Senses and the Mind... one reaches the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi... the stage when one can indulge in one-to-one dialogue with God the Almighty.

Maintaining absolute purity of thought by practicing the path of Bhava Karma... practicing Compassion (by which one develops control over anger) Patience and Persistence ... we are able to reach nearer our cosmic goal of life... attaining Moksha! There is nothing nobler in life than reaching the stage of Moksha in the present life.

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 highlights virtues of Moksha Salvation in Hinduism. Born a Human Being... gain Enlightenment and finally Moksh! For more tips on Hinduism Moksha visit - Moksha


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