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Love, Honor, and Obey

Let's take a look at all these aspects. The bible speaks a great deal about loving, honoring, and obeying the Father. God, the Father off all creation, loves us so much, that he sent his only begotten son to save us from our sins. We have all heard this, but, "Do we love God enough to give him our all?" "Do we love him enough", to weather any storm and rely on Him for everything that we need. "Do, we show this to other people?"; I hope that we do. God, wants us to show him how much we love him. He, wants us to love him enough to worship him in everything that we do. Unfortunately, to many times we get caught up in our own personal problems, and forget that God is in control of the situation. We have all done this, but when we do this, it shows that we are not relying on God to take care of us. We try and do things our own way, with our own might. The bible says, "Greater is He that is in me, than He that is in the world". This is a very powerful statement, and a proclamation of God's sovereign power. To think, that he loves us so much, that He took all our sins and forgive them through His grace. Do we, as christians, have this kind of LOVE? Can we honestly say, that no matter what happens, "WE WILL LOVE HIM!" That, no matter what comes against us, we will stand firm in our faith, and love for God. This is not an option, we must always love Him and pray for His help.

Not only are we supposed to love Him, but we are to honor Him. To honor Him,is to keep his commandments, and to praise him. This, also means, we are to do what He asks of us. Sometimes we do not want to, sometimes we think it is to impossible to do what He asks. When will feel like this, we have to remmember, that God will not give us more than we can handle. Are there going to be test, and trials, yes, this is God's way of strenghting our faith and our Reliance on Him. To see, if we will bow down to him, and honor Him with pray and devotion. When we bend our knees and hearts, he will honor us and bless us in everything we do. We must continually, seek His will in our lives. When we do, he will gives us courage and spiritual strength.

The third rule is obey. This perhaps, is the hardest to do. We as humans, do not always like to do what is asked of us. We unwilling do it, but this is no better, than not doing it. It is better to do what God asks and to seek His glory from our works. If we OBEY the will of God the Father, He will bless us like never before. We will have a spiritual life, that will make us happy and content. For when we do the will of the Father, we are saying, "Father ask of me and I will do it, not for my sake, but for yours." "Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven". We need to seek God with all of our hearts. Call on him in times of trouble and praise him in times of hardship. This my friends, is what it means to obey. Always seeking His counsel, always seeking His presence in our lives. To OBEY HIM, is to HONOR HIM, and to LOVE HIM. It is amazing how all these traits conicide with each other. You can not do one without the other. Try it my friends, pray everyday, seek his wisdom, and read His words. I promise you, that if you do this, your life will be changed. God, will work wonderful blessings in your life, and will always keep His word. God Bless.

Minister for Jesus


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