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Prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States and its people of freedom, this article was written in as an outcome of some research that I completed regarding the history of world religions and the fervor of religious dogma that continues to be the mark of "man's inhumanity to man."

After reading it again four years later, the words held a greater impact that seems to threaten the heart of every human soul and that touches the lives of all cultures, all religions and spiritual practices as well as the very souls of all humanity.

We have a powerful responsibility as spiritual leaders and human beings to consider these most difficult and violent actions that arise out of sheer desperation of the human mind and not from the heart of God. How may we unite as One World with Love, Compassion, Understanding, Acceptance and Peace to dissolve the frightening path of spiritual insanity in the world?

This question has been asked and asked since the beginning of thinking man and her greater community. Has religious insanity touched your life? It is frightening that so many follow to death the distortions of religious/spiritual leadership.

Is there an after-life? Most of us believe, it is so, whether Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew or other supporters of major religious credo or philosophy whether exoteric, esoteric or a combination of both. How religious/spiritual leadership can be so twisted into rituals of death while proclaiming The Light of their God is a question worth considering. How anyone would follow another to physical death, believing he/she was The Christ, The Buddha, the Shiva incarnate saint, sage or guru who was leading himself and/or others into a higher life form on some other planet, consciousness level or the many mansions of the biblical God, absolutely by-passes the imagination and rational mind.

What a sad commentary on humanity's ability to distort spiritual truth and destroy the very essence of all that is said to be sacred; life! It is also saddens this heart that too many human beings prefer to allow others to 'think' for them while following like weak and mindless sheep to the slaughter house. There is no short-cut to spiritual freedom.

Voluntary physical death is not the promise of any sane religious tenant. Any vilent act whether it is one individual or a group of disillusioned-souls, is not founded in spiritual values that sustain life. All major religions claim life as holy and sacred, proclaiming violence to be an act against God and Universal Law.

All major religions claim violence as unholy, yet there are those who will defile the very nature of their humanity and follow violent leadership even unto death. How can this be? Some experts have suggested that these followers are depressed and lonely, brainwashed and/or psychologically unstable who are seeking answers through religious martyrdom.

This path is anything but sacred and these human souls find themselves following blindly the insanity of violence as proposed by a leader or leaders of death. The seed of God, the creator of all life lives within us all. The seed of a 'Hitler' also lives in the duality of our humanity. The battle between violence and non-violence rages to one degree or another in every human mind and heart.

The extremes gain our attention yet we must take responsibility for ourselves and the truth that we will either engage our sainthood or fall to our 'little Hitler.' (In 2004, we may now add the name 'little Osama Ben Lauden')

SpiritualInsanity comes in many shapes and forms yet the one similarity that connects the dots is violence. It isn't God or even religion, although both are excuses used for selfish human pursuits. When a spiritual leader of any shade of declared religious and spiritual colour or fancy holds an arsenal of guns and/or other destructive devices, his/her credibility is empty of sacred promise. How can anyone of true spiritual foundation create the word of God in their lives while supporting any means of violence? How can anyone of spiritual understanding align themselves with so much fear that preparation for violence becomes an option? How does anyone find protection from that which is evil (harmful) with intent. (preparation for or acts of violence) Where is spiritual sanity in any of this?

It is no wonder that so many traditional and fundamental churches, synagogues, temples and other religious/spiritual organizations find such criticism and judgement of diverse forms of religious or spiritual approaches other than their elitist view of their own system of belief? There appears to be distortion in all religious tenants whether historically or in present day theology. It may merely be one Christian denomination against another Christian flavor or it may be one religious culture warring against another on the other side of the world.

Whatever the religious doctrine or spiritual practice, we must force ourselves to take spiritual responsibility today while understanding the history of religion that continues to perpetuate the misuse and abuse of spiritual teachings from any source. I stand firm in my belief that if there is any level of violence involved by those who portend spiritual teachings, whether it is acted out verbally, emotionally, mentally, physically and/or spiritually then red flags of caution must immediately be raised. This is not spiritual truth in action.

The way to spiritual sanity is the way of non-violence. If you want to understand the concept of non-violence and the inclusivity of the Christ for all humankind, study the life of Mahatma Ghandi. There is no middle ground to consider. Are you seeking spiritual truth and to live as a "peaceful warrior?" Then fully comprehend that the way of Spirit is Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. Non-violence is the foundation of any and all true Spiritual Life and the only way of balancing our personal, group and cultural sanity.

We must stand together as One United Humanity as we raise the ascended cross as a symbol of the global mono-theology that activates the spirit of life, fruitful living and the outcome of peace within every collective culture, race, creed, religious organization and individual soul. Spiritual Sanity may only exist within a non-violent disciplined mind, a heart full of Love and a soul complete with Peace for all that perpetuates life everlasting. You are the instrument of peace!

Copywrite 2004 A. James Hillelson All Rights Reserved

Rev. A. James Hillelson is an interfaith ordained minister, Certified Spiritual Counselor and a Business Leadership & Life Coach. He has thirty plus years as an Executive in Hotel Management, is a published author, seminar/workshop presentor, keynote speaker and has a passion for service that brings an enthusiasm and joy to those who come in contact with him. Labeled a 'problem child' growing up, one would have never expected Jim to accomplish and achieve. Yet, the pain, confusion and even suffering of this child has been the very source of his strength and determination to beat the odds and break many dysfunctional cycles. Jim welcomes business leaders and spiritual seekers to contact him for further information regarding his dynamic services. Ask about a Free Business Consultation or a Free Coaching Session. ajh7223@juno.com


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