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De-materialization #1

Come on now!? Really? This is going too far, you might say. Eastern philosophy tells us there are seven layers of manifest physicality and spirituality. The same laws that operate in one dimension operate in all dimensions according to the phrase 'As Above, So Below' that is credited to the Babylonian Hermes Trismegistus and the Magi. It is one of the three laws of the magi and if you study the cosmogony of the spheres and the beliefs of people like Shakespeare you'll see this concept. This is undoubtedly true of the phenomena of invisibility and de-materialization as well. Many people can appear invisible who are not invisible however, and this is a different practice called 'mind-fogging'. Anton Mesmer was able to demonstrate this before skeptics and the marveling masses alike. Carlos Castaneda readers will have heard about his 'amber rays' that sound a lot like the energy packets of Tesla with non-force potential and also might have expression as gravity and affinity. The next quote tells us about a level of invisible force field that occurs with the input of elementals and possibly spiritual humans or sorcerer's charms. In science we can probably already create some fields of force that enable much of these things and the Star Trek aficionados will recognize 'cloaking' in this helical seven layered conscious and unconscious interplay.

"In the Old Testament story about Balaam and his ass, Balaam's instructions from God forbade him to take a certain way, which he immediately did. His ass shied away from the path, but Balaam beat it back again. {Could the Mungo Man cavern dwellers have developed this kind of 'protection'?} It repeated this behavior and, finally, it lay down in the road and no amount of blows could persuade it to continue. The biblical explanation, put into the mouth of the ass, was that its refusal to move was caused by a vision of the Angel of the Lord standing in its path.

Frequently we read in accounts of fairy sightings that horses-- with or without carriages--are unable to pass beyond a point in the road adjacent to where fairy music is heard or where fairies are seen at their revels. It is said that St Thomas Aquinas, who learned the art of making magical models from Albertus Magnus, was so disturbed in his studies by the clatter of horses outside his house that he made a brass horse and buried it in the street. Thereafter no horse could be made to travel that way, even when whipped.

Similar legends can also be found in a modern context. UFO reports often feature car engines that stall in the presence of a UFO or when a UFO directs a beam of light at the car. Witnesses also speak of radios failing and watches stopping.

A ghostly variation on the theme appears in 'Weekend' (21 October 1970); several witnesses spoke of a phantom army which had been seen in November 1960 on a road near Otterburn, Northumberland, the site of a fourteenth-century battle. One of the witnesses, Mrs Dorothy Strong, was in a taxi. She said: 'Suddenly the engine died, the fare-meter went haywire and the taxi felt as if it was being forced against an invisible wall. The soldiers seemed to close in on us and then fade into thin air.' Several people said it had happened around that location before.

Some believe that the interference is caused by mysterious 'rays' and energy fields, similar to those beloved by early science-fiction stories and movies. The subject of 'secret rays' which could stop machines or cause 'mysterious' accidents was enthusiastically discussed in the popular press of 1923-24 and Oliver Grindell-Matthews, the eccentric British genius, even claimed to have invented such a 'projector' (Daily Mail, 5 April 1924). Another, long forgotten, manifestation was the incident in 1930 in which about forty cars stalled simultaneously on a road in Saxony. None of them were able to restart for about an hour (New York Times, 25 October 1930). Later on, the idea of 'death rays' and machine-stopping rays was revived in the classic rumours of World War II.

Today we know that powerful magnetic pulses can be directed in such a way as to stop machines, even car engines, at some distance and these have been developed as military and police devices. But still there is a kind of fascination in recognizing that the 'tractor beams' of 'Star Trek' have their counterparts, if not roots, the older traditions of fairy and ghost lore. {We will touch further on this in Druids, etc.} A similar effect to an 'invisible ray' is the inhibiting magical spell which can be lifted only by the person who placed it - a power attributed to George Pickingill said to be one of the last of the old 'cunning men' of Essex who died in 1909 {A photo included has a caption - 'said to be able to stop farm machinery with a glance'.}. In Katherine Wilshire's collection of tales from the living memory of her English country ('Ghosts and Legends of the Wiltshire Countryside', 1973), a ninety-year-old shepherd tells of a carter who worked on the same farm as himself at Newton Tony. One day the man was driving a wagon-load of wood and encountered a woman, known locally as a witch, who asked if he would carry her small bundle on his cart. He refused and tried to drive on, but the horses were unable to pull the wagon beyond that point, and he had no choice but to unhitch them and lead them home. The farmer returned the next morning, and again the wagon would not budge;' it remained stuck until they consented to carry the woman's small bundle of wood.

In the 1820s, General Andrew Jackson (a future President of the USA) heard stories about the 'Bell witch' - an active poltergeist at the Tennessee farm of John Bell - and went out of his way to investigate the matter. Approaching the farm, his horses halted as the wheels of his coach suddenly froze. Jackson examined them himself and could see no reason why the pushing and pulling could not budge them. The exasperated members of his party were startled by a metallic voice ringing out in the air: 'All right, General, let the wagon move.'" (8)

The 'rays' and photonic energy of gravity that was covered in our entry entitled negative gravity in 'Science' are able to be contacted by a soul even though they are without a brain. String Theory tells us all matter and energy is comprised of 'one dimensional harmonic force' and M-branes. The primordial consciousness of the basic ingredients of the energy that forms all matter are able to be heard in the 'singing of the spheres' that Pythagoras and the 'Therapeutae' have known for millenia. Historians of philosophy and science have reported this 'anomaly' of what Michael Grant called 'weird'. The truth is that Aldous Huxley's 'perennial religion' is a better explanation of reality than the paradigm of science which is the soul-less basis of our day to day existence. The current quantum world is based on the same awarenesses. Each molecule is a complex system of the nuclear and other forces and dimensions thought to number eleven (In this reality, but who knows what will be found elsewhere, in the parallel and alternative universes they know exist?).

The spinach chlorophyll receptors that are being integrated into complex circuits for computeronics will reduce the size of computer chips and nanotechnological equipment to the size that will allow our bloodstream to have cleansing machines (and other more heinous applications) just as they will be able to clean oil spills and the air. The use of quantum teleport gates in computers is becoming a reality. Stephen Hawking says he knows time travel exists at the subatomic or molecular level but doesn't think complex systems will ever do it. I am near to certain he is wrong even though he is a great 'thinker'. The collective integration of affinity between natural energies with rudimentary consciousnesses is about to be replicated by humanity. Is this the first time sentient beings have done this on earth? Not at all! Perhaps it will be the first time that unethical undisciplined and otherwise extreme people will have access to it. Teleporting will require a disassociation of each molecule and subsequent re-constitution of it as shown on Star Trek.

Now if a simple ability to hear these elemental energies that can coagulate into spiritual energies with collective consciousness like faeries, is weird; what would Mr. Grant (who doubted Pythagoras could bi-locate) say about de-materialization. This is one way bi-location can be explained and as I mentioned I have some experience in the matter that I promised to write about in this 'Mysteries' section. With trepidation and knowledge that people are extremely threatened (and lash out to do vicious things like burn people at the stake or throw them in our 'hospitals without walls') I will endeavour to explain what my adept lady who developed a mountain climbing sutra did with me and could do.

Pythagoras never wrote anything and Socrates shared this commitment to the Law of the Magi known as 'Scrire, Potere, Audere, Tacere' or 'Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent'. We all know what happened to Socrates. What I am about to write takes a willingness to forfeit one's life here on Earth. It also requires that the reader consider all we've presented so far and if this were to be critiqued by any writer or academic it would undoubtedly be taken out of context. The words of the dead Mr. Myers earlier said how difficult it is to convey the actual other dimensional aspects of our soulful existence and I can't promise I will do any better. However, I will try to do what few others have dared.

Author of Diverse Druids

Columnist for The ES Press Magazine

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