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A New Beginning

Sometimes showing up for life can seem like a major achievement. And within that 'showing up' we're showing tremendous courage. We're not giving up. We're forcing our way back - searching for meaning, trying to find a new direction? a reason to go on.

I know the emotions of failure. I know the thoughts - the questions: what's the point? Why me? Why now? What is this all about? And I know the choice we come to within these questions: do we fall away, a bitter cynic; or do we find our way, make our way back and somehow make our life worthwhile.

Too many days can be spent alone. Too many days can be lost to failure or fear. Too many days can be lost in pity.

The world is changing, life is evolving, every twist and turn on our path can bring us new hope, new beginnings, new love, new adventures. If only we can see that the world is not a darkened, hopeless place, put our hearts back into place, remember life is about love we will not only 'show up' but make our days fulfilling and meaningful.

Rebuilding life starts with a brave look around you. I know how easy it is to be sucked into materialism, achieving, being the best, succeeding; and I know the consequences of these things: often a shallow, unfulfilled existence where we forget or close down and deny, not only the people around us we love and adore, but deny our selves.

The world is waking up. Westerners are hungering for meaning and purpose. We want to find the reason for life. We're finding that doing and achieving feels great for the ego, but can leave something missing in the spirit.

And we want to fill that spirit. And we begin our search. What I find is that more and more people are looking for purpose - life purpose. Some come with hope - hoping to find what's missing others come with an attitude of 'doing' purpose and moving on again.

Life purpose is not for doing. It is for being. It is where you rediscover that the world is timeless. Where you fall back in love with life and handle everything from your heart and not from your wallet or your clock or your diary.

It's about waking up in the morning wondering about the possibilities, rather than focussing on difficulties.

Jo Ball (LCA, Dip, NLP) is one of the UK's leading Life Coaches. Join her fast growing Life Purpose newsletter at http://www.unstoppablelife.com


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