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Getting the Feel of Your Faith

Whether we admit it or not, we operate by emotion. Our comfort level, attitude, and efficience are largely determined by how we feel. Getting the feel of your faith enables you to be confident and comfortable with your spiritual condition. It determines your influence, where and how often you attend church services, and what you do for the Lord.

We have to learn the limits of our faith, and how to stay within its bounds. We need to complete our belief by mixing it with the practical application. We must discover the difference between the feel of faith and the feel of circumstances. People often confuse the feel of difficult situations with their belief in God. One of the greatest lessons in the Book of Job is that difficult circumstances should not affect our faith in God. Although he lost everything he had except his life and his wife, his faith remained strong.

We must get the feel of what we believe. Just how much do you believe. The story is told of a man on a tight rope at a circus. The announcer told of his ability to walk on the rope blindfolded and it was demonstrated before their eyes. The tightrope walker then pushed a wheelbarrow ahead of him. The announcer asked "Who is willing to get in the wheelbarrow?"

It was one thing to believe in the man's ability to push the wheelbarrow on the rope blindfolded and it was something different to be willing to get in it! How much do you believe that the Lord will supply all your needs? How much do you believe in the biblical promise that your God watches over you and protects you? There are many practical questions like this that come up often, and we must search our soul for the answers.

We also need to examine just what we believe. Sometimes we feel confident in our belief but when confronted by someone who believes something different, we discover we are not as sure as we thought. Why did Adam and Eve fall from God's favor? Was it because they didn't believe in God? Certainly not, it's obvious they believed because they talked to him. They knew that he is real. Then what didn't they believe? They didn't believe that the day they ate of the forbidden fruit they would die!

Sometimes we confuse physical and spiritual feelings. We may know of the good we ought to do for the Lord but we are tired or our favorite TV show is starting. Faith is something we feel inside us, but how do we know that our inspiration of the moment is from God or one of Satan's tricks? We must learn to judge such matters by biblical principles, priorities and common sense

There will be times that we feel like we are on a mountain top and at other times as low as a serpent's belly. Sometimes we can't forgive ourselves for the sins we have committed and our stupid mistakes. We may believe we can do no wrong at other times. We must not permit our moods and feelings to interfere with our faith. It's all about getting the feel of our faith.

The first thing we need to do to keep faith from going up and down according to feelings is to be thoroughly grounded in Scripture. Don't rely on what others say about spiritual matters. Even those knowledgeable about the truth can be misunderstood. Relying on second-hand information can cause havoc with your faith.

We have all known Christians that make themselves miserable worrying about bad things that may happen. Though they read the promises of God to supply our needs it doesn't soak in. Jesus addressed this subject in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6:25-34. He gives the example of the Father taking care of the needs of the birds and the lilies of he field. He specifically instructs us not to worry but to trust the Lord to supply our needs.

Getting the feel of your faith is to recognize who you belong to. You are not your own; you were bought at a price (1CO 6:17). This means you will avoid willing sins and make him the Lord of our life. You will let him control your actions. You will give your problems to Jesus and quit worrying about them. You will let him show you how to work them out. You will accept the fact that you are forgiven, and serve him with joy.

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