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Time Changes-- Spring Forward Or Fall Back!

In the game of billiards there are two things you want to avoid. First, never scratch (put the white ball in the pocket) you forfeit your turn. Second, if at all possible do not end up behind the eight ball. If you've ever been there you know it can be frustrating. The options you have are limited and the black ball has forced you to play its game not yours. In the "art of war" generals main objective of their mission is to keep the initiative, in other words always hold the advantage. If they don't, missions are compromised the war is strung out and worse yet, lives are put in jeopardy.

Every year in October we set our clocks back one hour and in the spring we set them up an hour. For some reason it feels better in the spring setting the clocks forward even though we lose an hour of sleep. Moving forward in life, having a positive attitude and living our lives on Gods terms is exactly the life God has always wanted for us. Have you ever wondered how some people live longer, go through adversity time after time and survive, or just seem to be happy all the time? It's probably because mentally they don't allow themselves to get behind the eight ball or they never lose the initiative of life no matter what happens. We can wake up and allow Satan to burden us down or we can, "CARPE DIEM". In other words, we have choices, we can fall back on our heels and buy into Satan's lies or we can spring forward in God's strength love and grace. Maybe that is why the "Rocky" movies are so motivating. Nothing is more inspiring than to see a person after being knocked down get up on his feet, lean forward and punch his way out of a tough situation.

Have you ever felt behind the eight ball in the game of life? Do you ever feel like you are losing the battle with Satan? Paul writes in Philippians 3:13, "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended, but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before."

Here are some suggestions that will help to not get behind the eight ball this week. Admit your weakness to God. Focus on the important issues at hand and so much on the urgent. Get up fifteen minutes earlier than normal so you don't rush out feeling behind so soon in the day. Pray and delegate some of your worries to God each morning.

This week you may get knocked down off your feet. It may take you a while to get on sure footing and it may take strength of the heart to move forward. But keep the initiative, spring forward and live the life God has always wanted for you. Don't buy into the lies of Satan. Rocky didn't buy into the chants of the crowd. You may be surprised what God has in store for you. A little faith some forward leaning and clear vision you can knock that eight ball right into that pocket and win the game of life.

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