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Horse Racing and Seabiscut -- A Hope, A Prayer, and A Horse!

Even though our lives progressively moves forward on occasion it has a way of working what seems to be in a backwards motion, yet in the end achieves the same results. I remember years ago when I started my bodybuilding career, I had no self- confidence, poor self-esteem, and an introverted personality. I couldn't fathom doing what others believed I could accomplish in such an unusual sport that went totally against my nature. However, at first I thought, "I didn't want to let them down and what if they're right? What if I could accomplish something if I set my mind to it, I asked? What if by believing in something bigger than myself would allow me to be a better person, develop confidence and be more outgoing?" Then over a period of time the belief others had started to rub off in me, combined with my work ethic the rest became history.

I really don't want to compare myself to a horse, but in the movie "Sea Biscuit", a similar experience takes place. Four men from all together different backgrounds come together with a hope, a prayer and a horse of all things. They believed that with a little direction, Sea Biscuit would accomplish great things and surpass immeasurable odds. So inspired by a few (who happened to be going by the seat of their pants), Sea Biscuit began to believe he too could do great things. The thing is, this horse didn't know nor did he care that these four men combined had only a hand full of horse sense (no pun intended). They believed in him and that was all that mattered. As Sea Biscuits confidence grew his influence upon those around him did also. Through Sea Biscuits determination and pure heart many who followed him began to believe in themselves in the midst of a depression and many hardships. In some crazy fashion this horse began to change the lives of thousands of people all because a few men came together having a sense of purpose, a little hope, a lot of prayers and a horse to get them there.

If an animal like Sea Biscuit could influence people, can you imagine what Jesus Christ can do with you? Hebrews 11 says, "that our life with Christ is built upon what we believe not by what we see." At times in our Christian walk we need those around us that believe in Christ, in us and have a little faith even when we can't see our future. Hopefully, if you are willing, sooner or later that confidence rubs off and we take hold of Gods will for our lives. That's why small groups and close Christian friends are so important in our walk with Christ. Other people can be the glue that holds us together when at times we seem to be falling apart. As in horse racing so it is in our life with Christ, it's not the start that counts it's finishing strong.

Never underestimate the power of small groups and close friends. If it weren't for small groups, close friends and people who believe in me, there have been times during this past year, I don't know what I would have done without them all. Never turn down an invitation from God to fellowship with a close group of friends, participate in an ABF class, or just share some quality time praying and believing in something or someone. Those four men never knew how far a hope, a prayer and a horse could go, but with God all things are possible.


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