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Jesus The Great Comforter! When Life is not fair!

We see it all the time in people's lives some unwanted circumstance enters and life is turned upside down. A loss of a job, an unexpected bill, sickness you name it. I think we have all said at one time or another, "gosh, life just doesn't seem to be fair. It does not suppose to be this way; it wasn't what I had planned."

We hear about it all the time in people's lives someone leaves a marriage, a friend disappoints you when you need them the most, or someone is not the person you expected them to be. Our expectations in others sometimes just never seems to be met.

We experience it at times in our own lives when life and love come together and all we come up with is the absence of logic. We rack our brains to find some reasons or rationales for events or peoples behaviors only to find ourselves left with more confusion and frustrations.

Was life fair to Jesus? Absolutely not! Did people disappoint him? You bet! Did events in his life not make sense to him at times? Probably so! But through it all even up until the time of his death Jesus had a passion for giving people comfort in the midst of events, unmet expectations and times of no rhyme nor reason. One of the Passions Jesus had was he is the great comforter. "Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." the bible says. Yet nowhere in the bible does he say that our lives will be perfect. Nowhere does he say others will always live up to our expectations, and nowhere does he say that we will understand it all. But what he does say all through out the bible is when; life, love and logic disappoints come to the cross and lay our burdens down. There is no other place than on our knees that Jesus would rather us be. It is in our questions of life, our disappointments of others, and our times of confusion where we find the most comforter in Jesus.

If we wait until life is 100 percent, loved ones are totally to our liking, and we try to understand everything about them both, life may never be lived, love may never be found and we may miss out on the true meaning of why Jesus died on the cross for us. Romans 8:28 does say, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that loves God, to them who are called according to his purpose." Jesus wants us to love life, love others and love him that is the true meaning of life.

This week when life isn't fair, disappoints arise and things don't seem to make any sense remember Jesus is our comforter and it's at the cross where he died that we can lay our burdens down.

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