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Let Go Of My EgGO--Pride Cometh Before A Fall!

Years ago a commercial ran for eggo waffles. It showed two small children grabbing an eggo waffle popping out of the toaster, yelling, "Let go of my eggo!!" We didn't see what transpired between the two, yet I have to believe one of two things happened; one of the children would have given in and let go or the waffle would have been torn in to small pieces.

If you are familiar with any type of racing there are two types of racing. The race that is run all out, hold nothing back, full steam ahead to the finish line like the "Hare". Or one can is ran on tactics. Plan when to go fast and when to slow down, think ahead, look at the big picture, take mind off of self, either way conserving the energy to when needing it the most, such as the "Tortoise". Do you think the Hare had any pride in his decision on how to run his race? Do you think he thought at all about the possibility of the Tortoise beating him? What do you think the Tortoise was thinking at the beginning, the middle and at the end of the race? You silly fool! Yeh, probably so. And so does the devil.

Pride is a double edged sword that can really cut if used in the wrong way. And the devil knows how to use it against us. Most of us fight with our flesh and run our lives such as the Hare did full steam to the finish. That is if the race does not kill us first before we reach the end. Our flesh tells us we can control the pace when our lives are in chaos. It says, try harder, and go faster regain the lead by over powering others. And at the end what do we have? What have we done? And what have we to show? What do you think the Tortus was thinking?

Jesus says in Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goeth before a fall." And he's right. If we think anything otherwise the fall will surely come, it will be hard and in the end it maybe the only thing that gets your attention. Having a relationship with Christ is much more like running a race like the Tortus rather than of the Hare. Pacing, thinking, enjoying the journey all the while gaining strength along the way of the Tortus. Many think repenting, getting dunked and to heaven I go is the way such as the Hare. Yet, is it so?

Knowing children I don't think either let go of the eggo before it was too late. Will you do the same and allow your own life be torn apart because of Pride? Or will you let go of your EGO long enough for Jesus to put his arms around you and say trust me that's all. Because at the end of the day, what really matters most is not who won the race or who had the most convincing argument or the most money or biggest job title, what matters most is your TRUST in Jesus. Either you trust in the things of this world or you trust in him, it's just that simple! Who do you think the Hare trusted? And who do you think the Tortus trusted?

It may not be in our childhood that we need to hear these story's the most. We may have also long forgotten the simple commercials that once taught us about our lives to come, Yet, at the end of our race of life the question will still remain, "In whom did you place your trust?

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