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Jesus the Great Teacher --Lessons Learned!

I don't know of anyone who really liked taking tests in school if you did there is something seriously wrong with you. It just seemed as though some breezed through while people like myself always struggled. Life is not fair!!!! Some call it tests anxiety. I think I just concentrated on trying not to get the answer wrong instead of relaxing and allowing my brain to find the answer in my head. Most times the next day I could do better because of no pressure. Second golf shots are like that too! So when I received my test scores back all I noticed were the red marks and disappointments instead of how many right answers I had out of one hundred. Having said that, perfect test scores were few and far between for most of us I think.

Life at times gives us impromptu tests that at the time we think we have fail in our minds. In other words, when all said and done our nature is to focus on what we did wrong and our imperfections and not the opportunity for growth that is in front of us. Life is not about perfect papers it's about learning from the red marks. Yet, in most experiences lessons can be learned from those moments.

Jesus was a great teacher. In the bible there are thirty-nine parables in which Jesus teaches us through life lessons. Jesus teaches this way for two reasons: one, he brings in life experiences that we all can relate to at different times in our lives. Two, each parable has a much larger meaning about life that may apply in numerous ways to your own life for years to come. One thing to point out is in each parable it is not so much the beginning of the story but the end that is most important. The accent falls on the last person that is mentioned, the last deed, or the last saying. The so-called end stress in the parable is a deliberate design in its composition. Jesus in each parable in different ways teaches us that life is not about seeing how perfect one can become, but becoming better people in the midst of our imperfections.

There maybe times when we disappoint ourselves or especially others that we love, but remember none of us are perfect only Jesus is. Yet it is in those disappointments that the lessons learned can draw us closer to Christ and those we love. It's the great teachers in life that teach us how to fish, rather than counting the ones that get away.

Remember this week, life, you, others may disappoint or you may experience Joy and happiness, which ever it is in those times count it lessons to be learned.

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