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God's Eyes- If These Four Walls Could Talk?

Can you imagine being sent out into the wilderness for forty years like Moses? If Moses would have lived his life up until then differently would God have spared him the discomfort? Was God trying to prove some point to Moses by making an example of him? What can we learn about this story?

When was the last time you drove down the road with out the radio in your ears? When was the last time you just listen to your kids, your spouse or a friend and not said two words? When was the last time you just stopped and listened to the coffee pot making coffee early in the morning? Whether by design, life or nature most of us during our lives have built up barriers (walls) in our minds and around our hearts. By doing so most will never reach the full potential of what God has for their lives. Inside each of us are minds of brilliance and hearts of gold. Yet it's our walls that prevent us of experiencing life seen through God's eyes.

Over time with life's up's and down's and disappointments from others we harden like walls of cement. Our walls have been constructed to protect us from fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of expectations. Our rooms become smaller and our thinking becomes stale. A good example of this is children. The bible says, "Child like faith." Children have no fear. They walk right up to a strangers and have a conversation, with out thinking they will take a leap off a table to get to the couch.

As adults, why do we find it so hard to get back to the simple things in life? Why is it so hard to quiet our minds? Have we become so scared of realizing who we have become that we fill our heads up with meaningless things? Has the walls of our hearts been built right before our blinded eyes? I started a new company in May of this year with a friend of mine. About a month ago we happened to be talking in our lecture hall. I said to her, "Somewhere within these four walls is a million dollar idea. The question is, "Are we willing to look for it, and are we willing to ask God for help guiding us to it?" In other words, "what if these walls could talk?"

What if today your walls could talk? What if your barriers and fears didn't exist? How would your life change? Would you forgive easier? Would you have a different career? Would you worry less? Would you have a better relationship with others or even with Jesus? I guess God could ask us the same question. "Somewhere within your four walls of your life, mind, and heart is your relationship with me. Are you willing to let your walls down, ask for it and seek it with all you have? Are you willing to just trust me that I will guide and protect you?" Would Moses life been different if his walls could talk? Maybe not. But maybe so!

Today we have a choice to allow our walls to talk. Today we have the chance to make a different in our own life and touch another. Will you take down a wall and live a life God has always wanted for you? Will you give yourself a chance to see life through Gods eyes? All you have to do is look and listen for him and be willing to ask for his guidance. Let your heart and mind talk this week. Let your true brilliance and your heart of gold shine from behind those walls. Make a difference in yours and some one else's life.

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